Friday, November 19, 2010

Teeth for the Tea Party Nation Part 2

I have said that I believe that the Tea Party Nation revolt that has been present in the hearts, and minds of the American people in recent times is the modern embodiment of the American Revolution that is now in the two hundred and thirty-fourth year of its succession. It has made itself apparent in the Town Hall Meetings, the Tenth Amendment Resolutions, the Tea Parties, and the most recent election results from across the nation. All of them can be summed up in the people's feedupishness with the monkey business emanating from the business-as-usual Disgrace of Columbia, and can be articulated in the statement that WE THE PEOPLE do not want anymore interference from rogue government officials that refuse to follow the dictates of the document that they swore on oath to uphold. These events nowithstanding, the problem still remains in the fact that there are still too many of these elected officials that don't seem to understand that their primary job responsibility is to serve the interests of the people that elected them whether they agree with the people or not.

Therefore, it is time for the people to resolve to take the remedial action necessary to address this problem. In part one of this two part writing to articulate what I believe will be necessary to manifest this event, I wrote of the utmost importance of the restoration of the Militia of the several states properly organized, equipped, and commanded by the governor of each state as the US Constitution mandates. Part two will attempt to address the other necessity of what I believe must also be required to make workable institutions that can take advantage of the political, legal, and economic positions that the people actually hold as the ultimate sovereigns of the nation. That would be the adoption of an alternative currency.

This is an idea which began in New Hampshire, and has subsequently spread to several other states, including Indiana, Colorado, and Montana. Although at present there has not been an alternative currency bill to yet be reported out of committee in any state legislature, this is an idea that will gain momentum as the national economy continues its meltdown. This will be so because of the simple truth that there is no other workable alternative that will provide the support needed for the maintenance of America's national economic sovereignty that can be made operable in time.

The alternative currency system will require the participation of not just the State through its own public financial operations, but will also require the active participation of every indvidual member of the Militia- that is every able-bodied adult man, and woman through their own private economic transactions in order to move the State's governmnet, and private economies out from under the control of the Federal Reserve system, and the rotten financial power structure of the International Banking cartel and its axis of fraud, and deception. The actual gold, and silver that will be necessary for this transfer will be held thus by the Militia as private owners, and will be thus under the protection, and control of Militiamen, and women. Experts can thus be drawn from, and subject to the supervision of the Militia which will provide oversight. This kind of exchange will deal in real bills financed, and backed withactual deposits of alternative currencies(gold&silver) not fractional reserves. This will be necessary to protect the State's private economy from retaliation by the multi-national financial power structure, which will attempt to cut off all credit to the State's farmers, businessmen, and others so as to undermine this alternative system. Similar experts drawn from,and subject to supervision by the Militia will be in charge, or provide oversight here as well.

Some additional areas of concern, and action would include, but not be restricted to:
food independence, and security through the suppression, and eventual take over of all multi-national corporate agribusiness. energy independence, and security through mobilization of all local resources, and innovations in energy provision. assertion of local control over land, and water use, and various natural resources et al.
All of these arrangements will be restructured as functions of the State government, and are thereby an act of direct popular sovereignty, and will be administered through the Militia under the 2nd, and 10th Amendment's guarantees of powers to the States, and the people.

By the very nature of the requirements of the legal structure of the nature of this enterprise the legislation necessary will have to be adopted one state at a time. There can be no "one size that fits all" bill that will pass muster. Therefore, this work will require the committment of a great deal of time, and effort, as well as expertise on the part of the people to see its fruition. The first step toward a "freedom movement" of this magnitude will be the laying of the groundwork that will specifically prepare, and promote this kind of reform legislation. This must include a supportive, solid legislative caucus that is already in existence in that State's legislature. There must be a workable plan drawn up, that is adequately funded, and ready to implement for mobilizing large numbers of activists from across the country to work in each targeted State to advocate the reform legislation that must be passed to begin implementation.

It is too late for parochialism on this subject. EVERYONE has an interest in seeing this project succeed in the first state that undertakes it, because that state will be the model for the rest of the country.

No one that is at all paying attention to what has been going on in this country can deny that a financial crisis of epic proportion is all but on our doorstep. And the daily news is only more doom, and gloom. If there were ever a time for the people to embace the old axiom: "if it is to be it is up to me" this is it!

But, "the darkest hour is always just before the dawn"
The revolution has been televised.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Second American Revolution, the flower of revolt

"All countries are basically social arrangements. Within the next hundred years, nationhood as we know it, will become obsolete. All states will recognize a single global authority. The phrase, briefly fashionable in the mid 20th century, "citizen of the world", will have assumed real meaning by the end of the 21st century."Strobe Talbott.

The Old South has now risen, and it is indeed the original United States of America, for its founders were after all, Southern planters with a rebel cause. The Tea Party Nation, this new insurrection,is the defining moment of American history, whereby the demonized South finally emerges to save the Union from the carpetbaggers of the "Yankee Nation" of the international banking cartel.

What is transpiring in this Second American Revolution, is the secession from control of the nation's money supply from the international bankers of the Rothschild central bank, which was the very one that promised to destroy this nation in 1860: "If that financial policy known as honest Constitutionally authorized debt-free money, should become indurated down to become a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without a cost. It will pay off its debts, and will be without debt(to the international bankers). It will have all of the money necessary to carry on its own commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The intellect, and wealth of all countries will go to it. That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe." The Times of London newspaper, editorial commentary, June 1860

This modern revolt of the Confederated States of America, stands as a stark testament to the original American spirit, which cannot be crushed,extinguished, or redefined by the likes of Strobe Talbott, Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, George Soros, or any other Bilderberger who prophesizes the eclipse, and the eventual dissolution of all nation-states in the wake of the so-called "new world order" of the 21st century robber barons.

The Southern cause has always been the American cause. In a tip of the hat to the old Unionist Abraham Lincoln: " I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations, having once been enthroned, will be followed by an era of corruption in high places, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people(by creating the "controlled opposition" in cooperation vs. competition; ie. left vs. right)until the wealth of the nation is centered in the hands of the few, and the Republic is destroyed."

It is no longer the 1860's, nor even the 1960's(coincidence?); but in this modern revolt, in this Tea Party movement, I see a combination of the Old South, and the revolt of the counterculture of its seeming antithesis, the 1960's. Like the revolt of the Old south in 1860,the youthful revolt of the hippie era, was perceived by the establishment as a threat to national security. Nothing could have been further from the truth, as the original American spirit was always manifest in the rebellion of "flower power".

The difference lies in perception, as now that generation known as the "Love generation' has fully blossomed into its full fruition as "The Second American Revolution". Like the Southern patriots, the counterculture has purged all of its negative elements, and Marxist influences from the original movement, which were in fact, a direct threat to the national security.

The old hippies, those that did not "sell out to the establishment", have now entered the maturity of late middle age, and with it the old naivete has dropped away-like the stages of a rocket piercing the firmament, to reveal the true cause of our youthful revolt. We came not to destroy this great nation, but rather to preserve it by picking up the banner of our fallen fathers with whom we originally quarrelled. We now recognize, and affirm our spiritual kinship with the original long-haired rebels who founded our nation. We are now rebels with a cause; the American cause. I believe the Tea Party Nation to be the present, and visible embodiment of this rebellion. The Old South has now risen like a phoenix, and with it, the United States of America as one constitution of people united against the monarchist international robber barons. The Revolution is now front and center.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Sage May Be Right About the Tea Party

This in on Yahoo today ...

What's telling about this are a few things that are not too well-known about prominent "Tea Partiers". Check this out:
Start with the movement's financial backing. The Tea Party Express, a group formed by a longtime California GOP consultant, has raised more than $5 million and financed about $2 million in advertising to help candidates.

The organization was an offshoot of a political action committee created to support John McCain's Republican presidential run in 2008, and its chief strategist is Sal Russo, a Sacramento Republican operative who has worked for nearly 50 years helping run party campaigns, including those of Govs. George Deukmejian of California and George Pataki of New York.
Still loving that "Tea Party Express"??

How about this:
Tea party candidates have also received a boost from FreedomWorks, a conservative group led by former House Republican leader Richard Armey. Its political action committee, formed last April, has raised only a fraction of what the Tea Party Express has amassed in its PAC. But Armey's group has its own influential network, and it has weighed in to support tea party candidates that did not get Tea Party Express support, such as Rand Paul in Kentucky.
OK ... So they hooked up Rand Paul. Does anyone believe Dick Armey would have supported him for any reason other than political gain?

Now I don't know enough about Meckler at this point, and work keeps me from really getting down and dirty for the time being, but she's right on the money with what she says about these two organizations. Armey is a party hack, and who in his right mind would support an organization built on a foundation of supporting McShithead?

Sage is constantly hitting the Tea Party between the eyes, not because he doesn't believe in the movement or the idea or the concept, but because those who wish to lead it are frauds.

The aforementioned information should be evidence enough, and I'd be careful about trusting Meckler as well. This is, after all, a nation built on the distrust of those who wish to lead it.

It's what America is all about.


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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tea Party - Irrelevant as Always ...

... or not.

O'Donnell wins in Delaware.

LaMontagne Wins in New Hampshire.

Here's the rundown from the primaries.

TWENTY STATES going to court against Oblahmacare.

GOP political elites are pissed.

First off, as pertains to O'Donnell and LaMontagne, I will reserve comment on what I think of their victories until I have reviewed their respective records. However, I can't see many scenarios in which O'Donnell wouldn't have been, at a minimum, a significant improvement over Castle, who makes John McCain look like, well, John McCain. Strangely, if Castle were to look in the mirror, he might see McCain himself staring back at him, so just about anyone should have been able to beat Castle in today's climate - even Bozo the Clown.

LaMontagne? Well, I would hope our favorite New Hampshirite would be willing to comment. How about it, Sage?

Twenty states going to court over the ripoff that is Obamacare? Folks, the problem with this is that this number isn't closer to fifty. Americans really need to wise up to this fraud and what he is trying to do. Wake up soon, America, or you may wake up one day in the Union of American Socialist States (UASS). If it's not obvious by now, the the stupid people Sage speaks of are winning the day.

Probably the most telling thing about the current level of success about the Tea Party, however, is that the Republican Party elites are not happy. The only reason this would be the case is that they see their grasp on power slipping away. Sadly, they probably are subscribing to the illusion that they are losing to the Democrats because of the Tea Party, when in reality it is the Tea Party to which they are losing. Soon the communists in the Democratic Party will see the effect of the Tea Party, as they will be forced to watch as their own power base dwindles away.

Face it, folks. The Tea Party is a pretty big tent. Even Sage finds the tent too big, and he may be right. But the one thing that unites ALL Tea Party activists, regardless of their other agendas, is the reverence towards the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. Returning power to those in the Tea Party movement will bring the debate back to what it should be: whether or not the Constitution and/or the Founders' intent provide for the implementation of any specific plan or issue. THAT is what America is SUPPOSED to be about, and any move in that direction must be looked at as good.

So you Republicrats and LOTE guys out there can go right ahead and call the Tea Party irrelevant all you want. Not only does the current evidence say you are probably wrong, but that fact can only be a good thing for this country. After all, the Constitution is what the Tea Party is fighting for. All a LOTE voter is fighting for is keeping the Democrat out, regardless of the similar damage the Republican would do. That's no way to run a country.


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Teeth" for the Tea Party Nation Part 1

The Tenth Amendment Resolutions from State Legislatures, the Tea Parties, the Town Hall Meetings, the Articles of Freedom have all been some of the most enlightening, encouraging, and energizing developments that American patriots have witnessed in a long time. The people that have been responsible for this national outpouring of Constitutional patriotism are unified on the front that "WE THE PEOPLE" do not want any more interference in their freedoms from rogue government officials acting outside of the confines of the Constitution.

The problem, as I see it, is that these events notwithstanding, too many among this venerable group will begin, and end their complaint with "we don't want you", and that is simply not enough for the matters at hand. Without moving their complaint to the next level, "we won't have you", which involves resolve, nothing further can take place. And to make this resolve effective, WE THE PEOPLE must design, and put into effect remedial action, so that we can say with a certain finality that "we don't need you!" If WE THE PEOPLE can give their desires some "teeth", they can take the necessary steps of action to accomplish their goals.

But the question is begged: "what will all of this require?"
First, WE THE PEOPLE will need to create workable institutions that take advantage of the political, and legal positions that are held by them as being the ultimate sovereigns of these positions. WE THE PEOPLE will need to create actual workable institutions that take advantage of the economic resources that THE PEOPLE actually command, which are in fact most of the true sources of "real" wealth in this country. True enough, the "establishment" holds bundles of "paper" claims to the wealth of this nation, most of them generated through the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System. But the overwhelming problem for them will be how to collect on those claims if WE THE PEOPLE simply refuse to honor them. Anyone who has knowledge of the fraudulous paper currency racket who doubts the unenforceability of these claims need only read the Supreme Court's decision in Craig vs. Missouri (1830). Then, WE THE PEOPLE will need to create actual workable institutions that are politically, economically, and LEGALLY independent of the federal government. These must need be institutions that can compete with the fraudulent mechanisms that the rogue officials in the government have been foisting on this country in the key areas of money, and banking, and what has been called "homeland security". They must be institutions that can replace these fraudulent control mechanisms with the proper means to "establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves, and our posterity", and in addition be institutions that will enable WE THE PEOPLE to defend themselves against retaliation from rogue officials in the federal government, and from the private centers of multinational economic power from around the world.

In summation, WE THE PEOPLE must combine their resources, and abilities with political, and legal authority in the large scale organizations that will reflect the true democratic power inherent in the superiority of numbers.

This cannot be done through the general government at the present time because the general government is the main problem, and thus, cannot be part of any solution. It cannot be done through activities by any of the mainstream political parties because they are merely control mechanisms in the "divide and conquer" strategy that has been successfully implemented by the Establishment to keep WE THE PEOPLE from asserting their political clout in their own behalf. It cannot be done by individuals, or private groups alone because these groups have no independent legal authority, and there is no way to create a large, and effective operation in any state, let alone through the entire country. Witness the recent attempt by a so-called "Christian" pseudo-militia group to make biblical warfare on the "beast"(police) in Michigan as an example of the futility of this kind of activity. The only thing achieved by this type of action is the demonizing of the terms "Christian", and "militia" by the lamestream news media.
The only way, as I see it, to achieve the desired results will be the combined participation of the state governments, because they have the legal authority, and the will of WE THE PEOPLE mobilizing together into mass action.

The only existing establishment that combines these two elements is "the Militia of the several states" that the second amendment tells us is "necessary to the security of a free state".
And where is this true constitutional "well regulated Militia" today? No where. It does not exist in even one state in this union! Not even in the land of "Live Free or Die"! Petitions, and pleas to the existing governor by myself as to why this is so have fallen on deaf ears, or have been ignored altogether. Some have responded with the claim that the National Guard has superseded the Militia so as to render it to be unnessary in the present era. This is simply a poorly disguised attempt to belittle the dictates of the Constitution... one more time in an age of universal disregard of the foundational document.

I do not believe that we can succeed in the restoration of this republic without the revitalization of "the Militia of the several states" as an establishment institution to regain, and retain control over the state governments, and the two basic powers of sovereignty: the powers of the purse(currency) and the power of the sword(community self defense against all forms of terrorism both foreign, and domestic). Americans need to combine together NOW in a united front to first, understand the enemy we all face, and then to begin to implement these two basic powers into a single plan for mass action. The revitilization of the Militia will enable WE THE PEOPLE to exercise community based self reliance, and ultimately true self government in a truly "free state" with all of the blessings thereof bestowed upon its residents.

So, why is not revitalization of the Militia "job one" on the agenda of every constitutionalist immediately if not sooner? How can contemporary patriots continue to deny in their actions what the Constitution tells them is "necessary to the security of a free state"? One may say that they have faith in the Constitution, but faith without works is dead; and the document is not self-executing. The purpose of revitalizing the Militia is to combine all of the elements of each state's "homeland security" including police, emergency responses, and so on- under the auspices of the Militia to eliminate the "top down" control apparatus set up by the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC, and its various co-conspirators, and fellow travelers around the country. This act will return control for the needs of local defense to the rightful recipients of this necessary service, WE THE PEOPLE, to whom it was intended to belong from its outset.

Thus, WE THE PEOPLE will be charged directly with the total organization, arming, and discipline of THE PEOPLE to handle any emergency that may arise. The state production, and provision of arms, ammunition, and accessories for the Militia with all of the necessaries to be obtained from the source chosen by each state for this purpose thus ending any, and all attempts by the Federal government to impose illegal "gun control" measures in violation of the 2nd Amendment. That is my reasoning in choosing the revitalization of the Militia as priority one in the establishment of "teeth" for the Tea Party Nation.

My plan for arming the Militia would, I feel, need to be one that would provide approximate parity with a modern light army unit, and would be divided into the four basic units that follow:

1. Regular Militia armed with: Semi-Automatic Rifle

Semi-Automatic Pistol

4 grenades

2. Sniper Unit armed with: Sniper Rifle with infared scope, and laser

Semi-Automatic Pistol

2 grenades

1 Remote Controlled Surveying Bomb Tank

3. Vanguard Heavy Unit with: Rocket Launcher and 7 rounds

Semi-Automatic Pistol

2 grenades

4 land mines

4. Engineer Unit with: 12 Gauge Shotgun

Semi-Automatic Pistol

4 Remote detonating Bombs

Assortment of health, and medical supplies, food, and tools, with heavy

construction equipment for building, and repair of ordnance along with

additional supplies of ammunition to re-arm all field units.

Each of these four basic units would be under the command of an officer chosen from among the men of the local community, who would then be resonsible to a regional commander for the field preparedness of his units. The regional commanders would report directly to the governor of the state, who would, according to the dictates of the Constitution, be the Commander-in-Chief of the Militia of that state.

The Revolution will be televised.

An organization such as this would satisfy the requirements of law, and would be both transparent, and adequate for the task at hand. The choosing of volunteers for the staffing of these units would be from among all able-bodied men of sound mind from the ages of 16-68 that could be trained in field deployment of the unit of their assignment.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Republicans: A Move in the Right Direction

When the right thing is done, we give credit where it's due.

Utah Senator Bob Bennett has been DENIED, and rightly so. A yea vote on TARP? You have got to be kidding me. No educated voter anywhere would allow this scumbag another term.

Good f***ing riddance!


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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day

Sage emailed me today asking to re-post his April Fools Day Post from last year over here. It's spot on. enjoy! - RWR

April Fools Day. Today is April first. As I pondered the origins of this normally harmless day of foolishness, I got to thinking about another day that will soon be on the horizon, April 15th!
As the great day-of-pay approaches, I have been asking the people that I know why we have federal income tax? Almost without exception they have answered: "to pay the expenses of government". Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. Income tax has nothing to do with paying the expenses of the government.

If I were to ask you when the country was created, most of you would give me a date somewhere around the fourth of July in 1776, so let's use that date for our point of reference. When the country began in 1776 there was no income tax. In fact, there was no machinery for collecting any such tax; even after the ratification of the Constitution in 1787-88 there was still no provision for any tax on the people's income. Except for the "temporary" income tax illegally administered during Lincoln's War to destroy the Union, there was no income tax in this country until 1913, when the Supreme Court upheld its validity in Brushaber, 240 US 1, and the passage of the 16th Amendment in "the dark of the night". And even then, it did not affect more than a few people. Until 1942, only 3% of the people paid income tax. Up to then, most people had heard of it, but they didn't pay it, and had never seen the form. The reason for this was that it did not apply to them. For the record, in 1941 the Federal government collected more money from alcohol, and tobacco than it did in income taxes. Remember the "moonshine", and "infernal revenooers" of the old comic "Snuffy Smith"?

The income tax as we know it today did not find its way into the pocketbooks of the people until 1942, and then only because we were in the middle of the war that FDR "arranged" to end the Depression. Even then, the money grabbers could only get away with it by calling it the "Victory Tax" which was to be repealed at the end of the war.

Question for you: Name for me one year between 1776 and 1942 when the nation could not function without income tax?; can't find one?; Neither could I, amazing isn't it? In all of those years, through all of the wars that we fought, and won, including WWII which we won by American might, and willpower more than any "Victory Tax", we were able to accomplish all of this without an income tax.

So, if we didn't have an income tax for all of this time, where did the federal government get the money to pay for itself? Why alcohol, and tobacco taxes, of course! These taxes, along with the tariffs that used to be in place that made foreigners pay for the privilege of selling their products here, were enough to pay for the few powers that the Constitution grants to the Federal government. As a matter of fact, there was so much money pouring into the Treasury that Congress didn't know what to do with it.

So, if we don't need an income tax to pay for the federal government, why do we have one? In 1942, a man named Meyer Jacobstein, of the Brookings Institute, testified to a Senate subcomittee of the "need to mop up the excess purchasing power of the nation" because of its effect on the price situation in the country. In other words, the people are producing too much wealth, which, with the lack of a metal-based currency equates to hyper-inflation, and the destruction of the dollar, so we have to remove this "excess" in order to preserve the economy. When there was "real" money(gold&silver) behind our currency, the government had to deposit the appropriate amount of "metal" in the Treasury to support the paper whenever any of it was printed in the same way you put money into your account before you write a check. This is the reason that you find the words "pay to the bearer on demand one silver dollar" on the old silver certificate money that used to be in circulation. Even the early Federal Reserve notes said that.The bank would pay to the bearer on demand the amount of the bill in "silver" if requested. The only difference between a personal check, and government currency is that the check names the person to be paid, and the currency does not.

So, this being the case, why doesn't the government just print the money that it needs, bigger numbers, on bigger pieces of paper? The answer brings us back to Meyer Jacobstein's testimony to the subcomitee which is "that doing so would bring on hyper-inflation" send the prices of goods to the moon, and destroy the purchasing power of the dollar. That is what happened to the Weimar Republic in post-WWI Germany, and is now happening in the African nation of Zimbabwe. It is also happening right here in the good ole USA, only it has taken so long for it to manifest because of the "shadow government" running the unbacked printing through the un-Federal Reserve System, which is , of course, un-Constitutional. This system, which has been brilliantly conveived to confuse, and conceal its intention, is being implemented by the "New World Order"(Novus Ordo Seclorum) to achieve its envisioned world government.

So, basically what we have here is the redistribution of the wealth of the people which has been ongoing since 1942. This is the "change" that Comrade Obama is talking about. It is also communism on a world level. So too is the subsidizing, and penalizing of various industries by the government which is to be seen most lately in the alleged take over of Ford Motors, which would have old Henry rolling over in his grave. The real issue here is controlling the purchasing power of the dollar. If the people have too much of it, the prices will rise. Simply put, the dollars taken by government cannot be spent by the people, and thereby cannot be used to acquire the things that are for sale. This is what Meyer Jacobstein meant by "mopping up purchasing power".

Thus, the true purpose of the income tax is to inhibit the inflationary effect of out of control government spending. The income tax allows our elitist rulers to "live off the fat of the land" by transferring the power of purchase from the people to the government, which has absolutely nothing to do with paying for the cost of government.

So, now that I got that off my chest and into your reservoirs of knowledge, maybe its time to re-think just which day of April is really "April Fools Day". The Revolution must be televised.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Self Preservation Legislation

Is there really any debate that Congress writes and passes legislation simply to prove that they have a job to do and therefore can keep the job they have? We have been overladen with so much legislation which was written just for the purpose of showing that Congress has something to do. The reality is that we as a nation would be much better off if Congress focused less on justifying their own position and more on what their job actually is.

The legislation of Congress has two main goals. To preserve the safety and security of the union, and to ensure the rights and liberties of the citizens. That's it.

The founding fathers and drafters of the Constitution recognized this and knew that there should be little for Congress to do. Article I, Section 4, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution states that Congress has to meet once a year. Once. That's it. Only one time each year. That it was specified that they had to meet at all shows just how little the drafters believed that Congress would really be needed. We would all be better of if Congress really did only meet once a year.

Instead of passing only the legislation needed to preserve the union and the liberties of her people, Congress has passed so much legislation that they passed legislation to delegate some of the legislating responsibilities. And hasn't that served us all well. They passed legislation to fix the problems caused by other legislation which was a result of even more legislation.

Consider all the legislation that has been passed in the last 75 years and think about how much of that was actually critical to the preservation of the union and the liberties of the people. There's not much of it. There is some, but probably less than 1% of the total legislation written. Now imagine if all of that legislation which did NOT have it's basis in those two categories were wiped from the books by a wave of Harry Potter's wand. How much better off would we all be? Especially considering that the vast majority of the legislation written not only does not serve the true purpose of Congress but actually defies it by intruding further and further into the personal liberties of the people.

We could disband Congress all together and it wouldn't make much difference in anybody's daily life. That is if it weren't for the impending bankruptcy the government is facing as the result of Congressional self-preservation legislation. If only I had Harry Potter's wand.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a politician run on a platform of removing any legislation on the books which does not directly and primarily preserve the union and the liberties of the people. Now there's a fantasy.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The 2010 Platform

I've been able now to finally get a few minutes to incorporate the suggestions we got with regard to the platform. There really wasn't much to change, as the thing was really amazing the first time around. Why change something that was done right the first time?

There were some excellent suggestions, though, and they've been put in. Please put any further suggestions in the comment area. Should you wish to email me about the platform, please use americanfederalistparty at gmail dot com.

I wonder if those trying to rescue the Republican Party have considered this platform for their efforts ...

Proposed Platform for the American Federalist Party


The members of the American Federalist Party have come together in the spirit of freedom and fellowship to acknowledge several truths about our great Nation as it exists today. These truths have forced us to set aside our differences as patriotic Americans with regard to many issues for which we hold differing yet passionate positions, such as regards abortion, war, vice, and even crime, in order to stand together in defense of the very basic law, designed to protect the unalienable rights with which we are endowed by our Creator, that has been abused and usurped to such an extent that the wise men who gave us such would be embarrassed at what has become of their cherished creation.

Political campaigns are funded by the federal government, and people who wish to publicly support a candidate are often restricted from doing so in violation of the First Amendment.

Congress has passed legislation regulating which kinds of weapons the people may own, and many States require government permission to secure arms and registration thereof, in violation of the Second Amendment.

In violation of the Fourth Amendment, private property has been taken from the people for the sole purpose of increasing tax revenues to local and State governments.

The list goes on, and in many cases the problem is so severe that the people of America often either do not know that their rights are being violated, or do not care. This is the source of the problems that overwhelm our country today. Virtually every major problem that affects Americans nationwide is the result, either directly or indirectly, of some abridgement of Constitutional rights or of some usurpation or abdication of power by those in federal, state, and/or local governments.

It goes without saying that with rights comes responsibility. We will therefore not, as part of our platform, explain how the people of this great Nation should take responsibility for those aspects of life that we expect the government to vacate. Americans are a creative people, and all have the ability to learn for themselves how to succeed in the free world.

It goes without saying that with actions come consequences. We will therefore not, as part of our platform, explain how those who, experiencing negative consequences for their actions, bring themselves most readily into the ranks of the successful. The freedom to overcome adversity and succeed on one’s own has its own natural rewards for success.

It also goes without saying that not everyone will be responsible and/or successful. We reject, however, that it is within the power of government to involve itself in matters of providing for those less fortunate. We further reject that governments are in any way properly equipped to take on responsibilities such as these.

As Federalists, we believe in the separation and delegation of powers as provided in the US Constitution, with the proper delegation of the weakest powers to the federal government, and the strongest powers to the people, as provided in the bill of Rights. We acknowledge that the concerns voiced by the Anti-Federalists in the infancy of our Nation have largely come true, and wish to place restrictions upon government that will protect our unalienable rights from such abuses in future generations.

The Constitution was written in simple language so that any layman could understand it. Its plain language itself makes it a proper platform for a party trying to rescue it from the current abuses, as it stands as a clear statement of the people granting limited authority to the government, not the other way around. Therefore, we believe that every American should read the Constitution thoroughly and come to a clear understanding of its meaning by reading the writings of the Founding Fathers and of those who opposed its initial ratification.

We wish our own platform to be so simple. We, however, claim none of the genius of the Founders in their wisdom; we only seek to follow their example in seeking the best way to secure the unalienable rights of the citizens of this great Nation.

Diversity and Common Ground within the Federalist Party

As a party, we seek only a few simple things. We rally around the concept of "originalist" interpretation of the Constitution, and allow all other issues to be resolved by the individual for himself. Each member or candidate will be free to hold whatever position he wishes, without interference from anyone in the party, for as Federalists we develop these positions with the Constitution in mind and reverence.

However, as Federalists, we cling to several simple concepts, and each of us freely affirms:

• That the unalienable rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights exist to protect the rights of individual Americans.
• That government infringement of those rights should be vigorously opposed.
• That government is by its very nature evil and must be watched closely by the people lest it enter into areas where it should not be allowed.
• That the concept of limited government requires that government officials work within the boundaries set forth in the Constitution, and that these limitations include lateral boundaries within the various levels of government as well as boundaries between the levels themselves.
• That compulsory government service is incompatible with the concept of individual liberty.
• That a government that does not function within its means is worse than an individual who does the same, and that using terms like "balanced budget" and "surplus" in misleading ways merely intensifies the evil under which the people must function.
• That a vibrant and superior military with state-of-the-art weapons systems is necessary to defend the unalienable rights of Americans from those who would do them harm; and American soldiers must never be subservient to non-American commanders or serve under a foreign flag.
• That America is a sovereign nation with no obligations to any international organization.
• That the Right to Keep and Bear Arms includes the right to use deadly force in self-defense, as well as the right to organize into militias for defense against oppressive people and governments.
• That federal domestic and foreign aid programs are both illegal and immoral.
• That parents, not any government, are responsible for the education of their children, including manner, choice of facility, and the bearing of cost.
• That the federal government has no power to influence elections through regulation, finance, or control of the media.
• That the federal government does not possess the power to set forth an "energy policy".
• That government programs aimed at reducing poverty are neither legal nor beneficial to those they are designed to help, and
• That under a properly instituted federalist system, the federal government is at the weakest level, with local governments and the people being at the most powerful.

Policies of the Federalist Party

As Federalists, we seek to return our government to its proper distribution of powers as set forth in our Founding Documents. All policy positions to be advocated by Federalists, ad infinitum, shall be devised and implemented to respect and enforce these limits, thus keeping the government at its proper distance from the people. As federalists we will seek to implement policies requiring:

• That laws, programs, and policies that violate the federalist structure outlined in the Constitution be repealed.
• That laws passed in violation of the Constitutional rights of the States or the people are likewise repealed.
• That laws requiring compulsory government service or the pre-registration for the same be repealed. This includes laws that require registration for compulsory military service.
• That a Constitutional Amendment requiring the real balancing of the federal budget and the retiring of the national debt be ratified.
• That our military's superior training be continued, and development of state-of-the-art weapons systems such as SDI be expedited instead of delayed.
• That no American shall be deprived of the right to arm himself however he wishes, without interference of any kind from any level or branch of government, unless first adjudicated as insane by at least two competent courts of law.
• That membership in international organizations not clearly serving the national interest be dissolved. This includes the United Nations.
• That no group of Americans be penalized for the simple act of choosing to act as part of a militia.
• That all taxpayer-funded federal aid programs be dismantled.
• That all federal involvement in the education of children be phased out, and States rightly transfer all power and authority over education to the parents.
• That all federal laws placing limits of any kind on campaign finance or procedure be repealed.
• That the federal government remove itself from all involvement in the decisions of States and businesses with regard to energy.
• That all federal assistance programs aimed at the poor, sick, or elderly be phased out in favor of private sector entities or, where state constitutions may allow, the States.
• That provisions be made so that the federal government can never again rise to greater power than any state or local government.

Federalist Philosophy

As Federalists, we believe that government is at best a necessary evil that is prone to intolerable acts, and that it is the responsibility of the people to see through the salesmanship, half-truths, and blatant lies that those in government present in their efforts to gain acceptance for the things they advocate. We pledge, as Federalists to honor in all of our decisions the original intent of the Founding Fathers.


• Federalist legislators will demand (and when in the majority, require) that all proposed legislation be accompanied by a Constitutional Authorization Report detailing how the proposed legislation is authorized under the Constitution. This report will then serve as a point of reference throughout debate and voting, as well as for executives, jurists, and the people, to assist in ensuring compliance with constitutional restraints upon government officials.
• Federalist legislators will propose, sponsor, and co-sponsor only legislation that is expressly allowed under the Constitution, and will insist upon appropriations being limited to single-subject bills.
• Federalist legislators will vote against any legislation not expressly authorized by the Constitution, and will stand against any legislation that exempts themselves or any other government entities from laws passed.
• Federalist legislators will refrain from using as examples legislation passed in other countries or international organizations.
• Federalist legislators will endeavor to legislate consistently according to the Founders' original intent.


• Federalist justices will demand (and when in the majority, require) that all cases brought before their courts be accompanied by a Constitutional Authorization Report detailing how the relevant case either violates or is supported by the Constitution, especially in matters of government abuse.
• Federalist justices will defer powers to the States where constitutionally appropriate.
• Federalist judges will assert the powers appropriate to their level of government (state, local, etc.) over those of the federal government.
• Federalist jurists will reference the Constitution in their opinions.
• Federalist jurists will refrain from any reference to the law of any other nation or international organization in determining the course of their decisions.
• Federalist jurists will endeavor to rule consistently according to the original intent of the Founders.


• Federalist executives will demand that all bills passed by legislators and received for approval be accompanied by a Constitutional Authorization Report detailing how the bill in question is authorized under the Constitution.
• Federalist executives will defer to state or local governments where constitutionally appropriate.
• Federalist executives will sign into law only legislation that is expressly allowed under the Constitution.
• Federalist executives will proudly veto any legislation that is not expressly authorized under the Constitution, including legislation that contains multiple provisions, only some of which may be in violation.
• Federalist executives will respect as relevant only the laws and customs of the United States of America in their decision-making processes.
• Federalist executives will endeavor to govern consistently according to the Founders' original intent.


Not all Federalists agree on all issues. Our positions on various issues are based in our individual interpretations of the Constitution. However, we reject the progressive expansion of socialism that has plagued this country for so long as legal under the Constitution and believe that returning to our Constitutional roots will solve the majority of the problems that this evil has created and encouraged. Socialism begets hate, jealousy, and economic mediocrity in is subjects. The free people of America should stand firmly against it. The Founders made no provisions for such things in the Constitution, and we Federalists believe this to be by design.



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rescuing the Tea Party Nation from Itself

As far as grassroots activism goes, the surge in interest in Tea Parties across America is one of the more encouraging developments to take place in recent times. It reminds me of the "Conservative Revolution of 1994" , when the GOP reclaimed both the US Senate, and the House of Representatives. At that time, it had been over forty years since the Republican Party controlled both the House, and the Senate.

This had been spurred mostly by the election(appointment) of Bill Clinton in 1992. The result was that a host of new, freshmen Republicans marched charged up into Washington, D.C. determined to return an out of control federal leviathan to its constitutional concept of limited government. This group of young conservatives went to Washington with one thing foremost on their collective minds; reducing the size, and growth of the federal government.

The author/director of this movement, you may remember was none other than former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. The movement included a promise to the American people that if they would give the GOP a majority in Congress, they would eliminate as many as five federal departments, and numerous federal agencies. The sad result of all of this hoopla, and bombast was the exponential expansion of the size, and scope of the very federal monster that they pledged to defeat at every level through the rest of the Clinton Administration, and continuing through two terms of total rule by the Republican led Senate, and Congress, with a Republican President on top for dessert! Truly one of the great policy reversals in American history. The sum result for conservatism was negative, zero, zilch. There was only one reason for its failure: Big Government "neo cons" posing as champions of conservatism while selling out the interests of the people.

The Tea Parties of 2010 remind me very much of the Conservative Revolution of 1994. And, from my perspective, if the Tea partiers are not very careful, they will find the same end for their movement that befell the "class of 94". The signs of their demise are already appearing.

First, let us remember that the Tea Parties were actually initiated, and activated during the Presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas in 2007-08. For all intents and purposes the Tea Parties, and the Ron Paul Revolution were one and the same. They were essentially made up of young conservatives that were sick, and tired of establishment Republicans selling out the principles of Constitutional government while hiding behind the "Conservative" banner. I consider myself one of their number in this respect.

But, of late, many of the Tea Parties are distancing themselves from Dr. Paul for the "siren song" of "establishment" players such as Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and, yes, even that treasonous charlatan Newt Gingrich. Tea Party Nation: Watch out!, you are in danger of losing your soul! The likes of Beck, Palin, and Gingrich are not the kind of bedfellows that you want to keep company with! Do not just listen to the parts of their rhetoric that are there to "tickle" your ears; the parts where they know you will agree with them, while they make fun of the "real" conservatives that have been your champions, and have faithfully served the higher goals of Conservatism throughout the years. Do not be afraid to trust your "own" voice on these issues. You have done your homework; you know what defines a Conservative; you know that if it looks like a conservative, it talks like a Conservative, and most importantly ACTS like a Conservative, it most likely is a Conservative! I guarantee that if you put these imposters to the "fire" of "real" conservativism, they will crash, and burn! And, without a solid Conservative bearing, the Tea Party Nation ship of state will run aground just as the Conservative Revolution of "94" did.

Palin is a shrewd politician. She is currently playing both sides to see where the wind will take the ship. Remember how quickly she jumped into bed with "Ole" Juan McCain in "08", accepting his offer to be VP without a second thought. She knew that by doing this she would become a household name overnight, and be in position to "sell" her goods to an electorate desperate for something new, and different. One need only take note of the timing, and promotional tour that has accompanied the publishing of her best-selling book if you doubt the veracity of my logic.

But, if you want further evidence of Palin's idea of conservatism, look to her endorsement of the candidacy of Governor Rick Perry of Texas. Perry is the ultimate establishment Republican who has done nothing for Conservatives in his nine years in office. He is a supporter of the North American Union(illegal under the Constitution), he supports the NAFTA Superhighway, his position on illegal aliens is similar to "Ole" Juan's, which is to say he has no problem with them coming, and staying!

As a result of Perry's "establishment" Republican politics in Texas, a Tea partier has entered the race for his job as Texas governor. Her name is Debra Medina. She has spoken out against the Patriot Act, she is in favor of open carry freedom for gun owners, she is opposed to the NAFTA Superhighway, and will move toward the establishment of "real" security on the Texas border.

So, what did Sarah Palin do in response to this? She went right down to Texas to endorse Rick Perry, politics as usual!

I know that her book is very popular because she says all of the things that "Conservatives" want to hear, but, I'm sorry folks, playing politics in order to rake in the profits from speaking, and book signing tours while establishing her own political support base is not what the Tea Party Nation is about! Don't get me wrong, there are things that Palin stands for that should be part of any "real" conservative platform. I like her pro-life, and pro-Second Admendment positions. It would appear that she did a good job as Governor of Alaska signing the Alaska state sovereignty resolution while she was in office. At the national level, she supports the Patriot Act ala Beck, and even wants to expand its scope. she also supported the unconstitutional bank bail-outs, as has Beck, and when it comes to foreign policy she is just another neo-con. Plus, as with most Republicans at the national level, she is either clueless, or is in bed with the NWO. There is convincing evidence that Mr. NWO himself, Henry Kissinger vetted her for McCain's VP, as he also did in "04" for John Edwards to John Kerry! The Tea Party Nation can do better than that, much better!

As far as Beck is concerned, his popularity has soared meteorically via the "controlled opposition" voice of "Faux" news. While he does say many of the right things, and is likeable, and charismatic, he is off the mark on many issues of significance. Issues that betray his true color. Issues that are critical to the vitality of the Tea Party movement. He has disparaged Congressman Ron Paul on numerous occasions calling him a"crazy, kooky guy". "Dr. No" may not be a bundle of laughs, but his voting record along Constitutional lines over a twenty year period stands second to none. Beck has demonstrated that he is Constitutionally challenged by his support of the bank bailouts, and for the raising of taxes which he has done more than once.

He has been a supporter of the Patriot Act from its onset. He has derided the families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks who have demanded the telling information about what really happened to their loved ones on that fateful day. And he continues to stonewall the attempts of true Americans such as Alan Keyes for demanding that Barack Obama follow the dictates of the Constitution that he has sworn to uphold by releasing his "real" birth certificate, the vault one, that he has spent a million dollars of his own money trying to keep from the people, instead of some internet copy that has been manufactured for public consumption. Be aware Tea Party Nation, Beck is not one of you! He has been well paid to infiltrate, and compromise your movement, and will kick you to the curb when he has achieved his mission.

You began as Constitutional Conservatives. You have done well. Stick to your principles, and make sure you read the Articles of Freedom "09". Oppose anything that is unconstitutional, support everything that is Constitutional. Hold every candidate for office to that standard! Keep calling for the abolition of the Federal Reserve, and for the establishment of sound money via metal based currency. Continue the fight for less taxes, reduced federal spending, and states rights(10th Amendment). Keep calling your governor to petition for the re-establishment of the "Militia of the several states". I will be posting updates of my own efforts to achieve this end in my homeland. Continue to oppose the tyranny of the so-called "Patriot Act", and the advances, and encroachments of the NWO on American freedoms. Don't abandon the "real" patriots like Ron Paul, and Alan Keyes, who are" fighting the good fight" for real conservative principles every day. The revolution MUST be televised as the grassroots freedom fight that it truly is. We don't need Hollywood to succeed, we need the quiet fortitude of a "few good men" ala our forefathers in the First American Revolution. May God grant us the strength of Samson, who, as long as he kept his hair(principles) uncut, kept his strength over his enemies to emerge ultimately victorious!

The Revolution is televised!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

This letter was written by Lou Prichett, formerly of Proctor and Gamble. Mr. Prichett changed the way America did business by creating the concept known as "partnering". Prichett rose from soap salesman to VP of Sales, and Customer Development for Proctor and Gamble over the course of a 36 year career, and rewrote corporate history in the process. He is one of corporate America's true living legends, and is an acclaimed author, teacher, and speaker.

It is not usually a practise of mine to publish the written letters of others, however when I read this work, I felt compelled to reproduce it verbatim for the daily grist of those who have pondered the present course of the American experiment. Please read it, most especially if you are an Obama fan.

Dear President Obama,

You are the thirteenth president under whom I have lived, and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me. You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.

You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your Ivy League education, and your upscale lifestyle, and housing with no visible signs of support.

You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of your youth growing up in America, and culturally you are not an American.

You scare me because you have never run a company, or met a payroll.

You scare me because you have never had military experience, thus you don't understand it at its core.

You scare me because you lack humility, and "class", always blaming others.

You scare me because for over half of your life you have alligned yourself with radical extremists who hate America, and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail.

You scare me because you are a cheerleader for the "blame America" crowd, and deliver this message abroad.

You scare me because you want to change America to a European style country where the government sector dominates instead of the private sector.

You scare me because you want to replace our health care system with a government controlled one.

You scare me because you prefer "wind mills" to responsibly capitalizing on our vast oil, coal, and shale reserves.

You scare me because you want to kill the American capitalist goose that has laid the golden egg which provides the highest standard of living in the world.

You scare me because you have begun to use "extortion"tactics against certain banks, and corporations.

You scare me because your own political party shrinks from challenging you on your wild, and irresponsible spending proposals.

You scare me because you will not openly listen to, or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people.

You scare me because you falsely believe that you are both omnipotent, and omniscient.

You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything you do.

You scare me because you demonize, and want to silence the Limbaughs, Hannitys, O'Reillys, and Becks who offer opposing conservative points of view.

You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing.

Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years.

Lou Prichett

Note: this letter was sent to the NY Times, but they would not print it. Big Surprise! But since I consider it to be "news fit to print" here it is. Keep it going.

The revolution must be televised!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"The 11th Hour"

On November 11, 2009, 116 delegates from 48 states gathered at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Ill. to discuss the prospects for the formulation of a plan to restore the Republic, and put the reigns on our run-away government. The event was called "The Continental Congress 2009", and was the initiated at the behest of Robert Schulz, President of "We the People Foundation".

Throughout the last year, Schulz traveled the nation speaking out on the need for people to take action to restore the Republic focusing on the reality that the "Constitution cannot defend itself". As he explained it, "for the last 14 years, people, through various means, have exhausted their administrative, and judicial options to remedy the current situation without result, it is now time to take this movement to the next level".

"Taking it to the next level" was Schulz's way of doing what our nation's founders did in 1774 when they were faced by a similar government that refused to listen to their reasonable petitions, and pleas. They called a Continental Congress with delegates representing the 13 colonies. Thus, led by their example, Schulz called a "Continental Congress 09", with delegates elected by popular vote in each state having the purpose of reviewing the present government's violations of the Constitution, and coming up with a workable plan to address them.

For ten solid days the delegates met, debated, and worked in committees until the wee hours to review the government's violations of the people's Constitutionally guaranteed rights with "remedial instructions" to be referred to federal, and state officials along with civic actions for the people of the nation to ensure that their respective representatives follow through with these instructions.

The final document produced by this body politic containing these findings, and recommendations have been tied into one document called the "Articles of Freedom". Schulz summed up the work of the Continental Congress of 2009 by saying "it is undeniable that we are living in the 11th hour of our Republic as the leaders of each branch of the federal government, and both mainstream political parties have failed to uphold their oaths of office, are ignoring the Constitution, and committing acts that are far outside the law in this respect, and when petitioned for redress according to law by the people, they refuse to respond."

What happens now to the work of these delegates? The plan is to personally present each member of Congress, and each member of the state's legislature with a copy of the Articles as the demands of "We the people", with the expectation that most officials will as usual, ignore the document. The most important work will be to get this document into the hands of the people to bring pressure to bear on Congress for action. The hope is to enlist a critical mass of at least 15 million Americans to sign the Articles of Freedom. The document will be used to give the TEA party rallies a specific goal of petitioning candidates for office to sign the document in exchange for their support(TEA party's) of the office seeker's candidacy for that office.

The documents will soon be available in your community through rallies, public meetings, and into your mailboxes as part of a direct mail campaign. All of this is part of an ongoing plan to build the consensus that is necessary to make this grassroots movement that we have been experiencing of late into something that will become historic, effective, and powerful!

The Revolution will be televised!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Haiti- It just doesn't make sense

People of goodwill everywhere are sympathetic to the plight of these poor folks in the wake of the disaster that has overtaken their pathetic nation in the days prior. Private donations and volunteerism have been at the best I have ever seen them pouring in from all over the world, but most especially so from the US. And this is a good thing, isn't it? So, why I am I bothered by this display of bubbly, selfless humanitarianism? To put it simply, I cannot remember such an all out "relief" effort by our nation's military, and government forces following a natural disaster anywhere in the world, not even in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina did our own fellow citizens receive the kind of federal treatment that Haiti is presently receiving.

I have been to Haiti-twice. Both times as part of a United Methodist mission to assist in the building of schools, and churches. I have met the people, and witnessed the poverty of that land first hand. This took place in the days when "Baby Doc" Duvallier was the resident tyrant, and the "Ton-ton macout"(Haitian military police) reigned unchecked. I was asked by our Haitian interpreter on one occasion why we(America) would not help Haiti win their freedom from oppressive government when they(Haiti) had helped us(America) win ours I was unsure at that time what he had meant by that statement. But upon the administration of an in-depth history lesson which I gave to myself, I learned that their were 700 Haitian sailors on board the French ships that were instrumental in the defeat of Lord Cornwallis at the Battle of Yorktown in 1781, a footnote that has been overlooked by most writers of the history of that event. I think that for the record, it should be noted that Haiti was then a French possession, which would give explanation as to why this turn of events took place. It also bears noting that Haiti was the first black republic in history to gain its independence from France in 1803 under the leadership of Toussaint L'Overture, who was something of a black version of George Washington in terms of his visionary leadership for this infant nation. His place in Haitian national history has the status that can only be accorded to a figure of such prominence.

Unfortunately, the story of the Haitian republic does not have a happy ending. There have been many reasons given as to why this is so, including the one that is most often circulated by members of the establishment churches that the Haitians "made a deal with the devil", and thus lost the favor of God over their nation. Of course, this could be the excuse for most of the problems of any of the other nations of the world in this respect, including the USA. But before I digress... every plea made by this people to the world, and most especially the US government, has fallen on deaf ears... until this year, and until this disaster. It is certainly not because the plight of our Caribbean neighbor has not been known until now. It is certainly not because this catastrophe has suddenly reduced the standard of living, and created chaos in a nation that has been a stable democratic republic up to this point. In further talks to my Haitian friend Jean Baptiste, he mentioned to me that "20,000 US troops strategically deployed would be enough to give Haiti its freedom".

It is interesting to note that as of January 24, there were 20,000 US troops in Haiti operating on ground, and offshore. Suffice it to say that without opposition from any Haitian national forces the United States military is now completely in charge in Haiti. Barack Obama called the Haitian situation "especially cruel, and incomprehensible". It would have been better, and closer to the truth, for him to say that the Haitian political, and economic climate is what has made the Haitians helpless in the face of natural disasters, and that this fact is what is most "especially cruel, and incomprehensible". I also shared this observation with my friend in our talks of yore as to why I believed that an American staged coup would not achieve the desired result for his homeland.

Walter Williams has rightly observed in his column dated 1/20/10 entitled "Haiti's Avoidable Death Toll" that "corruption is rampant in Haiti, and crime is ubiquitous with little real law enforcement. Private property rights are non-existent. Like most third world countries, people live in tyranny, and bondage to insensitive, power-mad strongmen who enrich themselves on the country's resources at the expense of their people". Williams concludes his work by saying that "Haiti's disaster demands immediate Western assistance, but it is only the Haitian people who can relieve themselves of the deeper tragedy of their self-inflicted poverty".

All of this being said, there is still something that "is rotten in the state of Denmark," to quote Shakespeare, about the Haiti story. For one thing, why was an earthquake of this magnitude not felt beyond the city limits of Port-au-Prince? All of the testimonies that I have read from people living in the adjoining country of the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, which were quoted by sources other than the US controlled media, have said universally that they felt nothing. If that is true, then the devastation was almost exclusively felt in and around Port-au-Prince. Having been a teacher of Geography, and a lifelong student of earth science, that is very strange to me. Even most of the roads remained open in the wake of the "quake".

Another oddity is the fact that this earthquake did not produce a tsunami of monumental proportions like the Asian quake of "06" did swamping the shores of Thailand, and India thousands of miles away. For the record, Port-au-Prince is just 750 miles from Miami, Florida. An earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale would have had to have produced a tsunami that would have affected everyone in the Caribbean region and beyond, even to the shores of the USA.

Furthermore, Agence France-Press, which is closely affiliated with French Intelligence, filed a report on January 14th which contained the following sentence: "On Wednesday, Obama ordered a "swift, coordinated, and aggressive effort to save lives" in Haiti following the murderous earthquake, as massive US Aid mission swung into action, using troops, naval forces, aircraft, and rescue teams". An earthquake is an "act of God", or a natural calamity, and can, therefore, not be considered "murderous", unless one considers God Almighty a murderer.

However, by any definition, the use of the word "murderous" must imply that someone is doing the murdering. Upon further scrutiny, I discovered speculative reports that the "earthquake" may have been the work of US Black Ops, which "flattened the French embassy, and many of its officials, imploding the United Nations' own establishments in the Haitian capital, which would serve as cover for any evidence of US Government, and rogue official drug-running involvement which has been known to be channeled through the Haitian capital for years. All of this is in the wake of intelligence reports that have been circulating about the possible disruption of liens, and seizures of trillions of dollars by the international community relative to the past criminal activities committed by former Presidents Bush 1&2, and Bill Clinton, which were being channeled through Haiti's Central Bank. If this information were to come to light, it is very understandable why the Haitian capital would need to be destroyed.

For those of us who have been paying attention to such matters, it is well known that certain members of the Bush and Clinton families have been involved in the international smuggling of illicit drugs for decades. Those who have been in positions to know such things have stated emphatically that both the then Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, and the then President George H.W. bush were so-called "partners in crime" in assisting CIA drug running out of Mena, Arkansas, which would explain why they have been so "buddy-buddy" lately. And it has been reported that the CIA used Army Special forces(Black Ops) to facilitate the smuggling of drugs out of Indo-China during the Vietnam War, has it not? So, there is no reason to not believe that rogue elements in the US Government would use war, or even "earthquakes"(Project Destiny) as cover for illegal drug smuggling, or money laundering.

While I realize it is very difficult for Americans to contemplate that members of their own federal government could be evil enough to be involved in any such thing as this, the words of Thomas Jefferson ring true when he said: "In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in any man, 'cept in him who is bound from mischief by the chains of the Constitution".

Just today I read a quote in the local newspaper coming from none other than Venezuelan strong-man Hugo Chavez that was worded: "the US Government has used the Haitian disaster as an excuse to invade, and occupy a sovereign nation". Lest you be fooled, I am no friend of this pompous Latin blowhard. However, his statement, when taken in light of the prescient evidence, has some weight, and cannot be thus summarily dismissed as just more Anti-American propaganda from some left-wing crackpot.

What I am trying to say here is that there are a lot of loose ends that just don't come together no matter how hard you try to put them together. They just don't add up in regards to what is going on in Haiti. The way the so-called "earthquake" behaved, the lack of seismic related activity normally associated with quakes of this magnitude, the unprecedented involvement of the US Government, and military forces being used for "relief efforts" when US commanders are desperately trying to equip combat theaters in Iraq, and Afghanistan, the occupation(military) of another independent nation, the vast sums of US taxpayer dollars being expended, the devastation that has been done to key Haitian Governmental, and financial institutions which were known channels for international financial disbursements, with none of the devastation experienced elsewhere, all add up to beg the question; What's really going on in Haiti? It doesn't make sense!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rules by Which America May be Reduced

A wise man once said that those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. The study of American history has been corrupted for decades now, and as a result we appear to be treading the same path. This is made clear if we independently study our history and look at the reasons behind the revolution.

In 1773, in an attempt to show Parliament and the British people how their actions were serving to alienate the colonies, Benjamin Franklin wrote a document Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One. In reading this wonderful piece of comedic literature I was struck by how our current government is repeating the actions which caused us to break from the British Parliament and Monarchy.

I make no claims to possessing the brilliance of Mr. Franklin, but for the love of my country and the desire to see her remain strong, I am compelled to emulate the great man and list out the ways in which we are now working to reduce our nation.

The first and most important rule is to divide the people, and therefore the nation. A people bound together by common goals, common beliefs and common sacrifices will not be divided. Therefore, in order to achieve your goal of division you must make people focus on their differences instead of their similarities. You must convince some that they are owed the fruits of another’s toils.

To further divide the people you must have two sets of laws and rules, or at least apply them differently. If taxes are levied on the people, these groups must be exempt. If the favored group behaves badly, it must be the ill favored group who bears the cost. This will ensure that the favored group shows superiority and contempt while animosity builds within those ill favored. Do not, under any circumstances, promote true fairness and equality for this will undermine your efforts of division.

You must give no credence to any complaints offered by the people. Instead, no matter how peaceful their objections may be communicated, you should always assume that they are on the verge of violence and treat them as such. A good idea in this instance is to consider them as a terror risk and list them as more dangerous to the country than any foreign threat. The real benefit of this plan is that you may, if real care is taken, turn your suspicions of revolution into reality.

Next, you must take care to avoid the approval of the people in any political appointees. Should the people believe that their government officials are honest, and have the best interest of the people and the nation at heart, this will only serve to strengthen the bond of the people to their government. As a result, you must select people unqualified, contemptuous of the masses, elitist and, if at all possible, openly corrupt.

To drive the wedge even deeper, should anybody complain or otherwise speak out, you must make them the villain. Investigate them more thoroughly than you would any criminal and expose every mistake they have made in their past. Call their character into question and make their life such a hell that no other will dare to take such a stand in future. This will close off a critical outlet for the people and make them even more desperate and angry.

Another very important rule is to take more and more of the people’s money and flagrantly waste it. Take from the hard working people and give large salaries to the officials they despise. You must also use the money to prop up those in the government’s favor, again serving to divide the people. Constantly remind the people that the government knows best how to spend their money while simultaneously wasting it on programs the people do not support. It is also best if you can use the people’s money taken through taxation to institute and fund government programs which will take their liberties as well. This will prevent those left in poverty through punitive taxation from taking comfort in their freedom and liberty

Make the people ashamed of the greatness of their nation. Paint her in the worst possible light both domestically and abroad. As patriotic pride is squelched, individual ambition and determination will decrease as well. This will assist in the destruction of the economic foundation thereby expediting the division of the people.

Most importantly, deny that you have any culpability in the discontent of the people. Take no responsibility and give no acknowledgements to the legitimacy of any complaint. Should you do this, should you follow these simple rules, the nation will become divided, the states will break apart and you will be freed from the bother and necessity of ruling a great nation.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Spinster Preview #1: A State of the Union Carole - Chapter 1

Time to welcome Karen Richmond (SpinsterPOV) to the Second American Revolution blog. I'll actually be posting some of her work here, including her amazing work in progress, A State of the Union Carole (with her permission, of course). Today, Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

As the room dimmed from the waning light of the setting sun behind him, the man pushed aside the pile of papers awaiting his attention to run his hand lovingly over the surface of his desk. A desk where many great men had performed their business; and he was sure that he would be considered a great man one day as well. There was no question in his mind that his place in history would be assured. The wood of the historic desk seemed to glow as the golden light was filtered through the panes of glass at his back. If he believed in God he would see this as a sign of hisu ordination, but he did not believe. Not really. He pretended to believe because he knew it would cast him in a better light, but the only god he served was his own ego, and it was a jealous god.

His hand bumped the paper on his desk again and he was reminded of the task before him. He retrieved the stack of papers and a red pen and set his self-admiration aside for a moment in order to turn his mind to the task at hand. His lips pursed as he found a particular phrase objectionable and scratched a line through it. In the margins he scribbled in the message he wanted it replaced with. Nearly an hour later the paper bore more red ink than black and the man’s temper was on a fine edge. Setting the pen aside he reached for the phone and called in the unfortunate author of the harshly edited document.

He waited impatiently for the young and idealistic man to appear before him. When the door opened and the once smartly dressed but now decidedly rumpled man appeared at last, taking his stance in the center of the crest imprinted on the carpet in the oval office, The President raised an angry stare in his direction, pushed the pages towards the young man and said, “Is this the best you can do? With all of the changes I made I may as well have written the speech myself. What do I pay you for?”

“I’m sorry sir,” the young man stammered. Having always had a flair for words and a true belief in the progressive ideals, John Alexander had been thrilled to be offered a job as the Presidential speech writer. It was an honor beyond anything he’d ever thought possible, but now, just six months into the job, he believed he’d prefer digging ditches. No matter what he wrote, no matter how eloquent or uplifting, it was never good enough. Every speech was written and re-written and then written again, many times the final comments by the President strongly resembling John’s original text. He no longer felt young and idealistic but beaten down, demoralized and old beyond his years. He had an ulcer, insomnia, a nervous tick, and an ever growing desire to stab the president with his fountain pen.

“I have to give this speech tomorrow evening so I expect to have a new version of this on my desk before sunrise tomorrow. Do I make myself clear?”
John swallowed and nodded, but seeing the raised brows of the president remembered his instructions on address. “Yes, Mr. President.”

The President stared at the door as it closed behind the hapless young man who had proved to be such a disappointment. A good speech writer was invaluable to a man of his elevated stature, and he needed some time to review the speech before he had to stand in the full House of Representatives and read the speech before the joint houses of Congress. He could read off the teleprompter with a skill and ease that few people possessed, but it helped to feel at least a little comfortable with the text. He already received a bit of flack from those nasty right wing zealots over the way he looked down his nose when he spoke, but it was the only way he could read the teleprompter and keep his head up. And everybody knew those crazies on the right were just looking for something bad to say about him, but he had his revenge. He worked in a way to blame them in nearly every speech and, though he had done interviews with Oprah and The View, he still refused to appear on that “other” network. The one he refused to acknowledge as a news channel.

He returned to the papers on his desk and worked his way to the bottom of the pile where the communication from his general in Afghanistan resided. He took a deep breath and did what he’d been avoiding for nearly two weeks. He flipped the folder open.

“It’s about time you got to that.”

The President jerked in surprise at the sound of the voice. He jerked so hard that he flipped his chair back, lost his balance, over-recovered and smacked his head on the beautiful desk he’d been stroking just hours before.

At the sound of the ruckus the secret service burst through the door with guns drawn and searched for the source of the threat. “What happened, Mr. President? Are you secure?”

Shaking his head slightly, refusing to reveal any weakness, he frowned at the men before him. “Secure? Did you not hear that voice? Where did it come from and how did the speaker get in here?”

The two men glanced at each other for support, but neither indicated that any voice had been heard. “I’m sorry sir, but we didn’t hear a voice, we only heard what sounded like a struggle. Was there a struggle sir?”

The men still stood with their guns drawn, and guns made the president nervous. So nervous that he had promised himself that guns would be outlawed before the end of his second term. That he would have a second term he had no doubt. With the machinations he had going on, he knew that even a third or a fourth term would be possible. He would serve longer than the man he believed to be the greatest President of all time - Franklin Roosevelt. He had ensured, while he was in the senate, that the necessary laws to prevent an economic disaster were not passed so that he could set up a platform which would put him on the level of Roosevelt. He was running the FDR playbook and he was absolutely convinced that he was running it better than old Frank had himself.


In his ruminations, the president had all but forgotten the men in the room. “No, there was no struggle. But there was a voice. Somebody is here.”

“They can’t hear me,” came the voice again.

“There!” The president cried. “There it was again. Did you hear it?”

“No sir,” the agent replied. A well-trained secret service agent, his face betrayed none of his feelings. He valued his job way too much to show with even a twitch that the President was sounding crazy. Maybe it was just an acid flashback. He had done drugs in his past after all. Wasn’t that in one of those books he wrote before he had ever accomplished anything?

“They think you’re losing your mind, you know.”

The President looked closely at the agents, but neither gave the slightest hint that they’d heard the new voice. If he answered it this time there was a good chance that the voice would be right and the agents would fear for his sanity.

“I’m fine,” the President said. “You men can go now.”

“Are you sure, sir?”

“Yes, yes, I’m sure.” The President waved his hand dismissively. “I’m sure it was just the wind that startled me. I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m sure that didn’t help.” He really hated indicating any weakness, but far better lack of sleep than insanity.

The agents holstered their weapons, cast one last glance around the office, and strode back through the door to resume their guard.

“It’s the bump on the head,” the president said to himself. “I’m sure it’s just the bump on the head causing hallucinations and they’ll go away in a minute or two.”

“That would work as an explanation,” continued the voice, “except hearing my voice is why you bumped your head. The bump is an effect not a cause. I know you have some trouble with that kind of logic and science but give it a try.”

“Who the hell are you?” he whispered angrily. “I demand you show yourself.”

“OK. You asked for it.”

Before the President’s eyes a thin mist appeared and thickened, and then began to take shape. In the space of a single minute, empty air solidified into the form of a man. It was not a man, but only the opaque image of a man. Cast in shades of gray and moderately transparent. The President wondered how this was done and whether it was a new trick from the crazies on the right -- and they wondered why he had them listed as potential terrorists with the Department of Homeland Security.

The milky image of the man stood about two inches shorter than his own six feet and one inch. His hair was slicked back in a style of previous generations. His hooded eyes were crowned with thick brows and ringed with deep lines. His thin lipped mouth was quirked to one side in a crooked smile as he held his arms out in a “ta-da” type of gesture.

“Who are you?” The president asked.

“The man you want to be. Or perhaps the man you want to be better than, though I’ve learned that’s not hard to accomplish.”

“I don’t understand,” the president replied. “Who are you really? And what are you doing in my office?”

“It was my office too once, though this desk wasn’t in here at the time. It was still up in the study.” The image crouched down before the desk to examine it, his smile one of nostalgia over a pleasant memory. “I see they finally put in the panel over the kneehole with the presidential seal. That was my idea you know.”

“Who gives a shit! Who are you? I demand that you reveal your identity to me immediately.”

“Or what?” the image asked. “You’ll call the secret service in to haul me off. I dare you to try that.”

Frustrated beyond belief at being the most powerful man in the world and yet having no authority over the image before him, the President’s political fa├žade had slipped and the real man underneath the mask was beginning to show. His fists and jaw were clenched as he asked yet again, “Who are you?”
Instead of revealing his identity, the man only asked, “How much do you know about this desk?”

Fearing what it said about his sanity to not only engage in a verbal battle, but to lose one, with an imaginary man in his office, he decided to just answer the question. “The desk was commissioned by Queen Victoria from the wreckage of the HMS Resolute. She has a matching one in her office.”

The image waved his hand dismissively. “Anybody who saw the second National Treasure movie could tell me that. Do you have any information that is not held by the average moviegoer?”

The President just stared mutely at the image before him.

“This leads nicely into the reason I’m here. How can you presume to be the leader of a nation you know nothing about?”

“I know what I need to about this nation - which is why I’m working to remake it.”

The image shook its head in sadness. “Bad move my boy, bad move. I attempted the same thing and faced a terrible fate for it. I wish to save you from facing the same shame and embarrassment.”

“What shame?” the president asked. “What shame can there be in remaking this nation into what it should be?”

“It’s the shame of making this nation into what it was never supposed to be. I found that out the hard way.” The image moved gracefully across the room until it settled behind the Resolute desk, its hands hovering over the wood in much the same way the president’s had just hours before.

“When I got to heaven…” at the gasp, the image looked at the president and grinned. “Yes, heaven exists, as does God. When I got to heaven, I was excited to meet the founding fathers of this great nation, and I found they were anxious to meet me as well; but instead of being greeted warmly, I was faced with their censure and dismay. In addition to a verbal tongue lashing the likes of which I had never faced on earth.”

“I can’t imagine what you could have done to deserve that, but what difference does it make? They’re just a bunch of dead white guys who have become totally irrelevant. Their opinions no longer matter.”

The image lurched up and attempted to slap his hands on the desk, but instead of meeting the wood with a resounding bang, they slid right through it. “Those men may be dead but their ideals will never be irrelevant. It was just that kind of thought that got me exiled in heaven and the type of thought you must change if you are ever to be welcomed into their group.”

The president locked his spine to prevent the shudder that racked him as the image floated to him once more from showing. “Why would I want to be welcomed into their group? Why should I care what they think?”

“You really are a misguided young man, aren’t you?” Failing to receive an answer, the image continued. “In heaven, the leaders of this nation are divided into two categories, those would made free men of slaves, and those who made slaves of free men. What I was shocked to find upon my death was that I was considered a man who had made slaves of free men.”

The president threw his head back and looked down his nose at the image before him. “I will definitely be regarded as a man who made free men of slaves. I’m going to dispense economic justice in this land and free those in poverty.”

The image’s jaw dropped in shock at this statement. “Do you honestly believe that I would be here to warn you if you were viewed in that manner? Right now they’re reserving you the head of the free men to slaves table. They already have a plaque on the chair for you. You’re the first president they’ve ever placed before his death.”

“That’s not possible.” He shook his head vehemently, but the image just kept nodding.

“Where is George Bush sitting?”

The image’s brows pulled down in confusion. “I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Is George Bush sitting at the good table or the bad table? He has to be at the bad table.”

“Are you serious?”

“I’m absolutely serious. Which table is Bush sitting at?”

The image rolled its eyes, an eerie occurrence with his level of transparency. “If I had to guess, I would have to say he’s sitting at a table at his ranch in Crawford, TX.”

The president looked dissatisfied and slightly confused by this answer.

“The man’s not dead yet. Not much for deductive reasoning, are you?” the image asked.

“Don’t speak to me in that insolent manner. I’m the leader of this nation and I deserve your respect.”

“I respect the office, but not the man currently holding it. And your current behavior does not dispose me to change that opinion.”

Now truly angry, a vein bulging in his temple, his fists clenched so tightly they were cramping, the president growled, “I demand to know who you are!”
The image raised his brows at the insolent tone. “If you knew anything at all about the desk behind which you sit then you would already know who I am. I’ve given a hint so obvious that previous presidents would have no doubt as to my identity.” The image leveled an assessing stare upon him and, after a moment’s silence continued. “I suppose I can give you another hint. I hate to do this one though, as it is so obvious - too obvious, really.”

The president unclenched one fist and slashed the hand through the image causing it to dissipate and then reform. This couldn’t be real. It was too little sleep. The excuse he gave the secret service had to be the real reason behind this. He couldn’t actually have a ghost in the oval office. It was completely beyond the realm of possibility.

“Forget about it. I don’t care who you are anymore. You’re probably nothing but a figment of my imagination anyway.”

“OK. If you’re going to be a baby about it, here’s my hint – “A date which will live in infamy.” If you don’t know who I am now, then you really have no business being behind that desk.”

“No.” The president shook his head vehemently. “It’s not possible. You can’t be….”

“Can’t be who?” the image asked.

“You’re not Franklin Roosevelt. You’re not. You can’t be. I know for a fact you’re not.”

“Do you really? What’s your proof that I’m not?”

“Roosevelt was in a wheelchair!” This statement was delivered with such pride, such self-satisfied victory, that the image had to shake his head once more.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I appear to you out of thin air, admitting that I’m the ghost of a dead man, and you actually believe I can’t be that ghost because my astral body isn’t confined to a wheelchair as my physical body was? That’s really your argument?”


“Not much for abstract reasoning either.”

“OK,” he shrugged. “But I still don’t understand.”

The image placed his hands on his hips and rolled his eyes. “That’s becoming glaringly obvious. But which particular thing that you don’t understand would you like an explanation for?”

The president started pacing around the oval office. Still aware of the secret service outside the door, he kept his voice low. The ghost of Roosevelt didn’t appear to have any trouble hearing him no matter how softly he spoke.

“The one thing I don’t understand.” He heard a snort from Roosevelt but opted to ignore it and continue. “Yu were the greatest president in our history, so why would you be ostracized by the founding fathers? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Doesn’t it? In retrospect it makes perfect sense to me.” Roosevelt’s voice had dropped and sadness radiated from his expression. Sadness and regret.
“But you lifted this country up out of the worst financial crisis it had ever seen. How can that be a bad thing?”

“Did I really do that?” Roosevelt asked.

“Of course you did. Everybody knows that. Everybody acknowledges that you and your New Deal saved the country from total collapse.” The president couldn’t believe that he was actually in the oval office attempting to convince the ghost of FDR that he had saved the nation.

“The founding fathers have a different view of things, and I have to admit that I now agree with them.” His voice was now filled with the regret only hinted at before. He grasped his hands behind his back, dropped his head, floated over to the window, and stared. “I put food on the table for many people by creating government jobs for them to do, but what did I really do to stimulate the economy?” He turned, his gaze boring into the current president. “Nothing. I did nothing. I believed that the government was the answer, but the jobs I created could only last as long as the money the government had to spend. When that money ran out, so did the jobs. Looking back now I have to wonder if I did anything but prolong the pain.”

“Of course you did,” the president replied. “Your government spending plan saved the country and brought the unemployment rate from 25% down to 4%. Nobody but you could have done that.”

“No my boy,” the ghost whispered in reply. “I stabilized the unemployment rate at 14% and that with government jobs only. The war did the rest. Yes, it was government spending, but all for the war.” He turned and glared through his opaque eyes at the man before him. “Do you really believe that sending millions of young American men to their death was a great way to lower the unemployment rate? Because that’s what I did. I didn’t really create more jobs, I simply sent the excess workers to their deaths on foreign soil. That is not a plan that should be emulated by anyone!”

“You did the right thing,” the president argued. “The government was the only answer for the horrible situation the economy was in, and you delivered it. The government is always the answer; it has to be.”

“Does it really? You have so much to learn.” The ghost of Roosevelt sighed and straightened his shoulders. “I suppose this brings me to the reason for my visit.” As the president opened his mouth to argue, he was forestalled by the ghost. “I am but a messenger. I am the precursor to the real events which you will experience this night. My role is to advise you that you will be visited by six ghosts this night.”

“This sounds familiar,” the president sneered, “but doesn’t the story use three ghosts? Not a very original bunch of founding fathers are they?”

“You will not blaspheme the founding fathers!” roared the ghost.

The president looked over his shoulder in fear, sure that the secret service had heard the bellow which was so loud that it had rattled the window panes and still rang in his ears, but nobody was bursting through the doors to save him.

The ghost took a deep calming breath, though of course air was not required for this astral body, and spoke in a softer, more moderate manner. “I apologize for my outburst, but the disrespect you show for the men who risked everything to create a form of government you now seek to destroy upsets me greatly. I think it best that I deliver my message before all control is lost and I do something I regret more than my actions as president.”

Kept mute by fear at what this ghost could do, the president clamped his lips closed and nodded his head. He would say not a thing.

“Yes, what will happen bears a resemblance to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol,” Roosevelt stopped at glared at the president, daring him to make a comment. When the president remained silent, Roosevelt clasped his hands behind his back and paced the oval office as he spoke. “Several of the founding fathers hold Dickens in high esteem, and they have learned something you have not - that much can be learned from the actions and ideas of others. Personally I find Dickens a bit maudlin but this story does suit us nicely.” He looked once more to the president and nodded in approval at his continued silence. “The first pair of founding fathers will appear to you at the stroke of midnight and will show you the state of the union past. The next pair will appear as the clock strikes one and will show you the present. The final pair will appear at the stroke of two and will show you the future that awaits both you and the union you currently lead.”

The ghost flew across the floor until it hovered nose to nose with the current president. “If you are wise, which I question greatly, you will listen to what these men tell you and pay close attention to what they show you. Set your ego aside if you can, and learn from an encounter that many in this nation would give their lives to experience.”

In the blink of an eye, the image was gone. The silence of the room now pervasive, the president returned to his desk and sat, taking deep, calming breaths. This couldn’t have happened. It didn’t happen. He was sure it hadn’t really happened, and yet, he glanced at the clock counting down the minutes until the first pair of ghosts would appear.

Chapter 2 is coming soon - or you can read it at her blog. Here's the link. I cleaned it up a little with her permission.


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