Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Teeth" for the Tea Party Nation Part 1

The Tenth Amendment Resolutions from State Legislatures, the Tea Parties, the Town Hall Meetings, the Articles of Freedom have all been some of the most enlightening, encouraging, and energizing developments that American patriots have witnessed in a long time. The people that have been responsible for this national outpouring of Constitutional patriotism are unified on the front that "WE THE PEOPLE" do not want any more interference in their freedoms from rogue government officials acting outside of the confines of the Constitution.

The problem, as I see it, is that these events notwithstanding, too many among this venerable group will begin, and end their complaint with "we don't want you", and that is simply not enough for the matters at hand. Without moving their complaint to the next level, "we won't have you", which involves resolve, nothing further can take place. And to make this resolve effective, WE THE PEOPLE must design, and put into effect remedial action, so that we can say with a certain finality that "we don't need you!" If WE THE PEOPLE can give their desires some "teeth", they can take the necessary steps of action to accomplish their goals.

But the question is begged: "what will all of this require?"
First, WE THE PEOPLE will need to create workable institutions that take advantage of the political, and legal positions that are held by them as being the ultimate sovereigns of these positions. WE THE PEOPLE will need to create actual workable institutions that take advantage of the economic resources that THE PEOPLE actually command, which are in fact most of the true sources of "real" wealth in this country. True enough, the "establishment" holds bundles of "paper" claims to the wealth of this nation, most of them generated through the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System. But the overwhelming problem for them will be how to collect on those claims if WE THE PEOPLE simply refuse to honor them. Anyone who has knowledge of the fraudulous paper currency racket who doubts the unenforceability of these claims need only read the Supreme Court's decision in Craig vs. Missouri (1830). Then, WE THE PEOPLE will need to create actual workable institutions that are politically, economically, and LEGALLY independent of the federal government. These must need be institutions that can compete with the fraudulent mechanisms that the rogue officials in the government have been foisting on this country in the key areas of money, and banking, and what has been called "homeland security". They must be institutions that can replace these fraudulent control mechanisms with the proper means to "establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves, and our posterity", and in addition be institutions that will enable WE THE PEOPLE to defend themselves against retaliation from rogue officials in the federal government, and from the private centers of multinational economic power from around the world.

In summation, WE THE PEOPLE must combine their resources, and abilities with political, and legal authority in the large scale organizations that will reflect the true democratic power inherent in the superiority of numbers.

This cannot be done through the general government at the present time because the general government is the main problem, and thus, cannot be part of any solution. It cannot be done through activities by any of the mainstream political parties because they are merely control mechanisms in the "divide and conquer" strategy that has been successfully implemented by the Establishment to keep WE THE PEOPLE from asserting their political clout in their own behalf. It cannot be done by individuals, or private groups alone because these groups have no independent legal authority, and there is no way to create a large, and effective operation in any state, let alone through the entire country. Witness the recent attempt by a so-called "Christian" pseudo-militia group to make biblical warfare on the "beast"(police) in Michigan as an example of the futility of this kind of activity. The only thing achieved by this type of action is the demonizing of the terms "Christian", and "militia" by the lamestream news media.
The only way, as I see it, to achieve the desired results will be the combined participation of the state governments, because they have the legal authority, and the will of WE THE PEOPLE mobilizing together into mass action.

The only existing establishment that combines these two elements is "the Militia of the several states" that the second amendment tells us is "necessary to the security of a free state".
And where is this true constitutional "well regulated Militia" today? No where. It does not exist in even one state in this union! Not even in the land of "Live Free or Die"! Petitions, and pleas to the existing governor by myself as to why this is so have fallen on deaf ears, or have been ignored altogether. Some have responded with the claim that the National Guard has superseded the Militia so as to render it to be unnessary in the present era. This is simply a poorly disguised attempt to belittle the dictates of the Constitution... one more time in an age of universal disregard of the foundational document.

I do not believe that we can succeed in the restoration of this republic without the revitalization of "the Militia of the several states" as an establishment institution to regain, and retain control over the state governments, and the two basic powers of sovereignty: the powers of the purse(currency) and the power of the sword(community self defense against all forms of terrorism both foreign, and domestic). Americans need to combine together NOW in a united front to first, understand the enemy we all face, and then to begin to implement these two basic powers into a single plan for mass action. The revitilization of the Militia will enable WE THE PEOPLE to exercise community based self reliance, and ultimately true self government in a truly "free state" with all of the blessings thereof bestowed upon its residents.

So, why is not revitalization of the Militia "job one" on the agenda of every constitutionalist immediately if not sooner? How can contemporary patriots continue to deny in their actions what the Constitution tells them is "necessary to the security of a free state"? One may say that they have faith in the Constitution, but faith without works is dead; and the document is not self-executing. The purpose of revitalizing the Militia is to combine all of the elements of each state's "homeland security" including police, emergency responses, and so on- under the auspices of the Militia to eliminate the "top down" control apparatus set up by the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC, and its various co-conspirators, and fellow travelers around the country. This act will return control for the needs of local defense to the rightful recipients of this necessary service, WE THE PEOPLE, to whom it was intended to belong from its outset.

Thus, WE THE PEOPLE will be charged directly with the total organization, arming, and discipline of THE PEOPLE to handle any emergency that may arise. The state production, and provision of arms, ammunition, and accessories for the Militia with all of the necessaries to be obtained from the source chosen by each state for this purpose thus ending any, and all attempts by the Federal government to impose illegal "gun control" measures in violation of the 2nd Amendment. That is my reasoning in choosing the revitalization of the Militia as priority one in the establishment of "teeth" for the Tea Party Nation.

My plan for arming the Militia would, I feel, need to be one that would provide approximate parity with a modern light army unit, and would be divided into the four basic units that follow:

1. Regular Militia armed with: Semi-Automatic Rifle

Semi-Automatic Pistol

4 grenades

2. Sniper Unit armed with: Sniper Rifle with infared scope, and laser

Semi-Automatic Pistol

2 grenades

1 Remote Controlled Surveying Bomb Tank

3. Vanguard Heavy Unit with: Rocket Launcher and 7 rounds

Semi-Automatic Pistol

2 grenades

4 land mines

4. Engineer Unit with: 12 Gauge Shotgun

Semi-Automatic Pistol

4 Remote detonating Bombs

Assortment of health, and medical supplies, food, and tools, with heavy

construction equipment for building, and repair of ordnance along with

additional supplies of ammunition to re-arm all field units.

Each of these four basic units would be under the command of an officer chosen from among the men of the local community, who would then be resonsible to a regional commander for the field preparedness of his units. The regional commanders would report directly to the governor of the state, who would, according to the dictates of the Constitution, be the Commander-in-Chief of the Militia of that state.

The Revolution will be televised.

An organization such as this would satisfy the requirements of law, and would be both transparent, and adequate for the task at hand. The choosing of volunteers for the staffing of these units would be from among all able-bodied men of sound mind from the ages of 16-68 that could be trained in field deployment of the unit of their assignment.