Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Sage May Be Right About the Tea Party

This in on Yahoo today ...

What's telling about this are a few things that are not too well-known about prominent "Tea Partiers". Check this out:
Start with the movement's financial backing. The Tea Party Express, a group formed by a longtime California GOP consultant, has raised more than $5 million and financed about $2 million in advertising to help candidates.

The organization was an offshoot of a political action committee created to support John McCain's Republican presidential run in 2008, and its chief strategist is Sal Russo, a Sacramento Republican operative who has worked for nearly 50 years helping run party campaigns, including those of Govs. George Deukmejian of California and George Pataki of New York.
Still loving that "Tea Party Express"??

How about this:
Tea party candidates have also received a boost from FreedomWorks, a conservative group led by former House Republican leader Richard Armey. Its political action committee, formed last April, has raised only a fraction of what the Tea Party Express has amassed in its PAC. But Armey's group has its own influential network, and it has weighed in to support tea party candidates that did not get Tea Party Express support, such as Rand Paul in Kentucky.
OK ... So they hooked up Rand Paul. Does anyone believe Dick Armey would have supported him for any reason other than political gain?

Now I don't know enough about Meckler at this point, and work keeps me from really getting down and dirty for the time being, but she's right on the money with what she says about these two organizations. Armey is a party hack, and who in his right mind would support an organization built on a foundation of supporting McShithead?

Sage is constantly hitting the Tea Party between the eyes, not because he doesn't believe in the movement or the idea or the concept, but because those who wish to lead it are frauds.

The aforementioned information should be evidence enough, and I'd be careful about trusting Meckler as well. This is, after all, a nation built on the distrust of those who wish to lead it.

It's what America is all about.


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