Thursday, February 4, 2010

"The 11th Hour"

On November 11, 2009, 116 delegates from 48 states gathered at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Ill. to discuss the prospects for the formulation of a plan to restore the Republic, and put the reigns on our run-away government. The event was called "The Continental Congress 2009", and was the initiated at the behest of Robert Schulz, President of "We the People Foundation".

Throughout the last year, Schulz traveled the nation speaking out on the need for people to take action to restore the Republic focusing on the reality that the "Constitution cannot defend itself". As he explained it, "for the last 14 years, people, through various means, have exhausted their administrative, and judicial options to remedy the current situation without result, it is now time to take this movement to the next level".

"Taking it to the next level" was Schulz's way of doing what our nation's founders did in 1774 when they were faced by a similar government that refused to listen to their reasonable petitions, and pleas. They called a Continental Congress with delegates representing the 13 colonies. Thus, led by their example, Schulz called a "Continental Congress 09", with delegates elected by popular vote in each state having the purpose of reviewing the present government's violations of the Constitution, and coming up with a workable plan to address them.

For ten solid days the delegates met, debated, and worked in committees until the wee hours to review the government's violations of the people's Constitutionally guaranteed rights with "remedial instructions" to be referred to federal, and state officials along with civic actions for the people of the nation to ensure that their respective representatives follow through with these instructions.

The final document produced by this body politic containing these findings, and recommendations have been tied into one document called the "Articles of Freedom". Schulz summed up the work of the Continental Congress of 2009 by saying "it is undeniable that we are living in the 11th hour of our Republic as the leaders of each branch of the federal government, and both mainstream political parties have failed to uphold their oaths of office, are ignoring the Constitution, and committing acts that are far outside the law in this respect, and when petitioned for redress according to law by the people, they refuse to respond."

What happens now to the work of these delegates? The plan is to personally present each member of Congress, and each member of the state's legislature with a copy of the Articles as the demands of "We the people", with the expectation that most officials will as usual, ignore the document. The most important work will be to get this document into the hands of the people to bring pressure to bear on Congress for action. The hope is to enlist a critical mass of at least 15 million Americans to sign the Articles of Freedom. The document will be used to give the TEA party rallies a specific goal of petitioning candidates for office to sign the document in exchange for their support(TEA party's) of the office seeker's candidacy for that office.

The documents will soon be available in your community through rallies, public meetings, and into your mailboxes as part of a direct mail campaign. All of this is part of an ongoing plan to build the consensus that is necessary to make this grassroots movement that we have been experiencing of late into something that will become historic, effective, and powerful!

The Revolution will be televised!!!

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