Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rescuing the Tea Party Nation from Itself

As far as grassroots activism goes, the surge in interest in Tea Parties across America is one of the more encouraging developments to take place in recent times. It reminds me of the "Conservative Revolution of 1994" , when the GOP reclaimed both the US Senate, and the House of Representatives. At that time, it had been over forty years since the Republican Party controlled both the House, and the Senate.

This had been spurred mostly by the election(appointment) of Bill Clinton in 1992. The result was that a host of new, freshmen Republicans marched charged up into Washington, D.C. determined to return an out of control federal leviathan to its constitutional concept of limited government. This group of young conservatives went to Washington with one thing foremost on their collective minds; reducing the size, and growth of the federal government.

The author/director of this movement, you may remember was none other than former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. The movement included a promise to the American people that if they would give the GOP a majority in Congress, they would eliminate as many as five federal departments, and numerous federal agencies. The sad result of all of this hoopla, and bombast was the exponential expansion of the size, and scope of the very federal monster that they pledged to defeat at every level through the rest of the Clinton Administration, and continuing through two terms of total rule by the Republican led Senate, and Congress, with a Republican President on top for dessert! Truly one of the great policy reversals in American history. The sum result for conservatism was negative, zero, zilch. There was only one reason for its failure: Big Government "neo cons" posing as champions of conservatism while selling out the interests of the people.

The Tea Parties of 2010 remind me very much of the Conservative Revolution of 1994. And, from my perspective, if the Tea partiers are not very careful, they will find the same end for their movement that befell the "class of 94". The signs of their demise are already appearing.

First, let us remember that the Tea Parties were actually initiated, and activated during the Presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas in 2007-08. For all intents and purposes the Tea Parties, and the Ron Paul Revolution were one and the same. They were essentially made up of young conservatives that were sick, and tired of establishment Republicans selling out the principles of Constitutional government while hiding behind the "Conservative" banner. I consider myself one of their number in this respect.

But, of late, many of the Tea Parties are distancing themselves from Dr. Paul for the "siren song" of "establishment" players such as Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and, yes, even that treasonous charlatan Newt Gingrich. Tea Party Nation: Watch out!, you are in danger of losing your soul! The likes of Beck, Palin, and Gingrich are not the kind of bedfellows that you want to keep company with! Do not just listen to the parts of their rhetoric that are there to "tickle" your ears; the parts where they know you will agree with them, while they make fun of the "real" conservatives that have been your champions, and have faithfully served the higher goals of Conservatism throughout the years. Do not be afraid to trust your "own" voice on these issues. You have done your homework; you know what defines a Conservative; you know that if it looks like a conservative, it talks like a Conservative, and most importantly ACTS like a Conservative, it most likely is a Conservative! I guarantee that if you put these imposters to the "fire" of "real" conservativism, they will crash, and burn! And, without a solid Conservative bearing, the Tea Party Nation ship of state will run aground just as the Conservative Revolution of "94" did.

Palin is a shrewd politician. She is currently playing both sides to see where the wind will take the ship. Remember how quickly she jumped into bed with "Ole" Juan McCain in "08", accepting his offer to be VP without a second thought. She knew that by doing this she would become a household name overnight, and be in position to "sell" her goods to an electorate desperate for something new, and different. One need only take note of the timing, and promotional tour that has accompanied the publishing of her best-selling book if you doubt the veracity of my logic.

But, if you want further evidence of Palin's idea of conservatism, look to her endorsement of the candidacy of Governor Rick Perry of Texas. Perry is the ultimate establishment Republican who has done nothing for Conservatives in his nine years in office. He is a supporter of the North American Union(illegal under the Constitution), he supports the NAFTA Superhighway, his position on illegal aliens is similar to "Ole" Juan's, which is to say he has no problem with them coming, and staying!

As a result of Perry's "establishment" Republican politics in Texas, a Tea partier has entered the race for his job as Texas governor. Her name is Debra Medina. She has spoken out against the Patriot Act, she is in favor of open carry freedom for gun owners, she is opposed to the NAFTA Superhighway, and will move toward the establishment of "real" security on the Texas border.

So, what did Sarah Palin do in response to this? She went right down to Texas to endorse Rick Perry, politics as usual!

I know that her book is very popular because she says all of the things that "Conservatives" want to hear, but, I'm sorry folks, playing politics in order to rake in the profits from speaking, and book signing tours while establishing her own political support base is not what the Tea Party Nation is about! Don't get me wrong, there are things that Palin stands for that should be part of any "real" conservative platform. I like her pro-life, and pro-Second Admendment positions. It would appear that she did a good job as Governor of Alaska signing the Alaska state sovereignty resolution while she was in office. At the national level, she supports the Patriot Act ala Beck, and even wants to expand its scope. she also supported the unconstitutional bank bail-outs, as has Beck, and when it comes to foreign policy she is just another neo-con. Plus, as with most Republicans at the national level, she is either clueless, or is in bed with the NWO. There is convincing evidence that Mr. NWO himself, Henry Kissinger vetted her for McCain's VP, as he also did in "04" for John Edwards to John Kerry! The Tea Party Nation can do better than that, much better!

As far as Beck is concerned, his popularity has soared meteorically via the "controlled opposition" voice of "Faux" news. While he does say many of the right things, and is likeable, and charismatic, he is off the mark on many issues of significance. Issues that betray his true color. Issues that are critical to the vitality of the Tea Party movement. He has disparaged Congressman Ron Paul on numerous occasions calling him a"crazy, kooky guy". "Dr. No" may not be a bundle of laughs, but his voting record along Constitutional lines over a twenty year period stands second to none. Beck has demonstrated that he is Constitutionally challenged by his support of the bank bailouts, and for the raising of taxes which he has done more than once.

He has been a supporter of the Patriot Act from its onset. He has derided the families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks who have demanded the telling information about what really happened to their loved ones on that fateful day. And he continues to stonewall the attempts of true Americans such as Alan Keyes for demanding that Barack Obama follow the dictates of the Constitution that he has sworn to uphold by releasing his "real" birth certificate, the vault one, that he has spent a million dollars of his own money trying to keep from the people, instead of some internet copy that has been manufactured for public consumption. Be aware Tea Party Nation, Beck is not one of you! He has been well paid to infiltrate, and compromise your movement, and will kick you to the curb when he has achieved his mission.

You began as Constitutional Conservatives. You have done well. Stick to your principles, and make sure you read the Articles of Freedom "09". Oppose anything that is unconstitutional, support everything that is Constitutional. Hold every candidate for office to that standard! Keep calling for the abolition of the Federal Reserve, and for the establishment of sound money via metal based currency. Continue the fight for less taxes, reduced federal spending, and states rights(10th Amendment). Keep calling your governor to petition for the re-establishment of the "Militia of the several states". I will be posting updates of my own efforts to achieve this end in my homeland. Continue to oppose the tyranny of the so-called "Patriot Act", and the advances, and encroachments of the NWO on American freedoms. Don't abandon the "real" patriots like Ron Paul, and Alan Keyes, who are" fighting the good fight" for real conservative principles every day. The revolution MUST be televised as the grassroots freedom fight that it truly is. We don't need Hollywood to succeed, we need the quiet fortitude of a "few good men" ala our forefathers in the First American Revolution. May God grant us the strength of Samson, who, as long as he kept his hair(principles) uncut, kept his strength over his enemies to emerge ultimately victorious!

The Revolution is televised!


  1. The movement included a promise to the American people that if they would give the GOP a majority in Congress, they would eliminate as many as five federal departments, and numerous federal agencies.

    Actually it didn't.

    It included a promise to the American people that these items would be brought to the floor for a vote. This promise was kept.

    It was the fault of the people for not insisting that the vote be case in favor of the will of the people.


  2. As far as Beck is concerned ...

    You obviously haven't been paying much attention to Glenn Beck. He has shown good humility in the willingness to "think and think again", as you once put it, Sage.

    Glenn has explained why he was for a number of things about which he has now changed positions, and why he changed those positions.

    In order for Glenn Beck to "have been a supporter of the PATRIOT Act from the onset", he must currently be one. He is not.

    He is also not a supporter of the bailouts, etc. Again, his position has changed, as he admits that he is still learning.

    As for his deriding people who ignored the scientific proof that Michael Moore and DU were wrong in trying to make 9/11 out to be an inside job, I'd agree with you if the information they wanted weren't already staring them right in the face - fully public for all to see. Ron Paul's association with this crowd is largely what cost him his run for POTUS. He may very well have been the best for the job, but you have to admit that his followers' tactics were more akin to FDR's attempts to pack the courts, especially the way they handled polls (remember the "Paul-bombs"?).

    As to Beck's similar treatment of birthers, I'm just not sure where he's getting his information from. He seems to be focused more on the evolution of progressivism these days, which is not only interesting, but a very important subject to cover. The people aren't going to understand the definition of "natural born citizen" if they have no clue about the origins of the ideas that are being used in the attempt to bring about its demise. They just don't believe Barack Obama could possibly be THAT big of a liar.

    The way to handle Beck is the way you handled Palin. Support him when he is right, and explain why when he is wrong. It's also very important to extend credit where due when an appropriate and thoughtful change takes place.

    After all, will you continue to attack him like this if he catches on about the birth certificate? I sure hope not. There may come a point where he truly becomes one of us, and the direction he is going hints that it could happen.


  3. "Catches on about the birth certificate?" If he is so uninformed that he needs to take a lesson from the likes of you, and me then he shouldn't be in the job that he's in. There is no way that he doesn't know about Obama spending millions to keep information about his place of birth from the public. One thing he does know, and that is that his fat paycheck from his Bilderberg boss would disappear in a flash if he ever gave even an inkling that he might "become one of us". The only time he is "right" is when he trys to act as if he is "one of us" for the sake of the "cause"(his). I have been explaining why he is wrong from the outset. He is part of the "controlled opposition" which is a planned tactic to be used by the elites to keep people from uniting against them. A united front from the people is the one, and only thing they fear. He is a dupe, albeit well paid, for the international cabal that is destroying America.

    If people didn't vote for Ron Paul because of some of his followers so-called "tactics" then they deserve what they have got. The truth is that Paul was too good for the job that he was seeking. Most Americans wouldn't know a truly Constitutional candidate for office if they saw one. And they sure don't see many of them these days!

    Michael Moore is an idiot as we both know. If people are only getting their information about 9/11 from him then its no wonder that they have trouble connecting the dots. Try Jesse Ventura out some time if you want to get a little more of a clue as to what is going on with this issue.

    "The promise was kept" Your kidding right? You really believe that Newt Gingrich ever expected that a floor vote would be all that was necessary to overturn the out of control federal spending that was taking place in "94"? He knew that he would be able to placate the Conservatives, and keep them lock-step with the GOP with a little well articulated lip service, kind of like both he, and Glenn Beck are doing right now.Once again, we have to keep our eyes on the ball here by watching the function instead of the form. After the hoopla died down, and the ire of the people was spent, the D.C. criminals went on with business as usual to accumulate the highest federal deficits that had yet to have been seen. Granted, the people could have demanded more from their leaders than they did in this respect, but that is no excuse for the lawyers to break the law.And they damn well knew that that is exactly what they were doing.

    Beck would not need "humility", if that is in fact what you think makes him OK, if he would just shut up for a minute, and read some good books on republican government before he runs his mouth. But, frankly, I don't think he is really as he seems to you. The people he is working for are not even remotely "humble"

    The trouble with most Americans is that in terms of having a vision for their country, they think in months, or maybe years at most, and quickly exchange one vision for another. The elites think in terms of decades, and generations. They have the means to control every level of the infrastructure of the societies of the world, and have been infiltrating the politics, and economy of America since the end of WW1. Players like Beck, Gingrich, the Bush's, Henry Kissinger, and even Clinton, and Carter enter, and exit the stage as they are needed, and can be used by the elites, but in the end, nothing changes in respect to their means, and eventual goals for humanity.

    Our(We the People) best hope is to rally behind each other in support of ONLY Constitutionally based ideas, and government. We must be as cunning as foxes, as wise as owls, and as vigilant as eagles if we are to prevail.

  4. Our(We the People) best hope is to rally behind each other in support of ONLY Constitutionally based ideas, and government. We must be as cunning as foxes, as wise as owls, and as vigilant as eagles if we are to prevail.

    Can't deny that.

    And we must remain vigilant in ensuring no one forgets his duty as a citizen under the Constitution.


  5. I am going to say something none of you are going to like. Or at least that is what I think. I support this movement, but still don't think the premise of the Patriot act is bad. I don't say it is perfect, but I don't believe it is the worst thing this country has put into law. It was drafted to be sure in the week after 9/11. People where hurt, angry, and afraid. Things happen. People make choices. What is more important: the law that is enacted or the principles it is enacted upon? Was the Patriot act enacted upon rotten principles? Did President Bush (who by the way didn't draft the bill) really behave any differently then we would have in the same position? I know I wanted to nuke them. The thought crossed my mind. I was a dumb 12 year old. Playing Devils advocate, but I am 100% for Peace through Strength. Give me a good alternative to the patriot act. That is why I didn't vote for Ron Paul. I thought he was a loon on Foreign Policy. I happened to agree with him on the Gold Standard and how it should be reinstated. I am a libertarian on Fiscal policy and a conservative socially. I believe our society isn't build first on money, but on principles. It is these I will focus my entire life to restoring. I don't want another revolution. I want a restoration.

    Now I am not done. You can read the rest on my blog Before you vote: Think Freedom.

  6. Did you notice who was cuddling up to Ole Juan McCain last week and calling him a "tea partier"?. None other than the clueless, air head Sarah Palin herself. I hope the Republicans can get a clue themselves about this siren before she sends the ship to the rocks!

  7. I support this movement, but still don't think the premise of the Patriot act is bad.

    The Patriot Act is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what should have been done. That makes its premise not only bad, but completely unacceptable.

    Give me a good alternative to the patriot act.

    Repeal all of the other infringements upon Second Amendment rights. That would do the trick rather handily.

    Did you notice who was cuddling up to Ole Juan McCain last week and calling him a "tea partier"?. None other than the clueless, air head Sarah Palin herself. I hope the Republicans can get a clue themselves about this siren before she sends the ship to the rocks!

    Sarah's support in the Tea Party movement is in the tank for just that very reason, Sage.

    No one is going to believe McShithead is a Tea Partier.

    No one.