Friday, November 19, 2010

Teeth for the Tea Party Nation Part 2

I have said that I believe that the Tea Party Nation revolt that has been present in the hearts, and minds of the American people in recent times is the modern embodiment of the American Revolution that is now in the two hundred and thirty-fourth year of its succession. It has made itself apparent in the Town Hall Meetings, the Tenth Amendment Resolutions, the Tea Parties, and the most recent election results from across the nation. All of them can be summed up in the people's feedupishness with the monkey business emanating from the business-as-usual Disgrace of Columbia, and can be articulated in the statement that WE THE PEOPLE do not want anymore interference from rogue government officials that refuse to follow the dictates of the document that they swore on oath to uphold. These events nowithstanding, the problem still remains in the fact that there are still too many of these elected officials that don't seem to understand that their primary job responsibility is to serve the interests of the people that elected them whether they agree with the people or not.

Therefore, it is time for the people to resolve to take the remedial action necessary to address this problem. In part one of this two part writing to articulate what I believe will be necessary to manifest this event, I wrote of the utmost importance of the restoration of the Militia of the several states properly organized, equipped, and commanded by the governor of each state as the US Constitution mandates. Part two will attempt to address the other necessity of what I believe must also be required to make workable institutions that can take advantage of the political, legal, and economic positions that the people actually hold as the ultimate sovereigns of the nation. That would be the adoption of an alternative currency.

This is an idea which began in New Hampshire, and has subsequently spread to several other states, including Indiana, Colorado, and Montana. Although at present there has not been an alternative currency bill to yet be reported out of committee in any state legislature, this is an idea that will gain momentum as the national economy continues its meltdown. This will be so because of the simple truth that there is no other workable alternative that will provide the support needed for the maintenance of America's national economic sovereignty that can be made operable in time.

The alternative currency system will require the participation of not just the State through its own public financial operations, but will also require the active participation of every indvidual member of the Militia- that is every able-bodied adult man, and woman through their own private economic transactions in order to move the State's governmnet, and private economies out from under the control of the Federal Reserve system, and the rotten financial power structure of the International Banking cartel and its axis of fraud, and deception. The actual gold, and silver that will be necessary for this transfer will be held thus by the Militia as private owners, and will be thus under the protection, and control of Militiamen, and women. Experts can thus be drawn from, and subject to the supervision of the Militia which will provide oversight. This kind of exchange will deal in real bills financed, and backed withactual deposits of alternative currencies(gold&silver) not fractional reserves. This will be necessary to protect the State's private economy from retaliation by the multi-national financial power structure, which will attempt to cut off all credit to the State's farmers, businessmen, and others so as to undermine this alternative system. Similar experts drawn from,and subject to supervision by the Militia will be in charge, or provide oversight here as well.

Some additional areas of concern, and action would include, but not be restricted to:
food independence, and security through the suppression, and eventual take over of all multi-national corporate agribusiness. energy independence, and security through mobilization of all local resources, and innovations in energy provision. assertion of local control over land, and water use, and various natural resources et al.
All of these arrangements will be restructured as functions of the State government, and are thereby an act of direct popular sovereignty, and will be administered through the Militia under the 2nd, and 10th Amendment's guarantees of powers to the States, and the people.

By the very nature of the requirements of the legal structure of the nature of this enterprise the legislation necessary will have to be adopted one state at a time. There can be no "one size that fits all" bill that will pass muster. Therefore, this work will require the committment of a great deal of time, and effort, as well as expertise on the part of the people to see its fruition. The first step toward a "freedom movement" of this magnitude will be the laying of the groundwork that will specifically prepare, and promote this kind of reform legislation. This must include a supportive, solid legislative caucus that is already in existence in that State's legislature. There must be a workable plan drawn up, that is adequately funded, and ready to implement for mobilizing large numbers of activists from across the country to work in each targeted State to advocate the reform legislation that must be passed to begin implementation.

It is too late for parochialism on this subject. EVERYONE has an interest in seeing this project succeed in the first state that undertakes it, because that state will be the model for the rest of the country.

No one that is at all paying attention to what has been going on in this country can deny that a financial crisis of epic proportion is all but on our doorstep. And the daily news is only more doom, and gloom. If there were ever a time for the people to embace the old axiom: "if it is to be it is up to me" this is it!

But, "the darkest hour is always just before the dawn"
The revolution has been televised.


  1. "This kind of exchange will deal in real bills financed, and backed withactual deposits of alternative currencies (gold&silver) not fractional reserves."
    Jct: Where are you going to get all that gold and silver. Har har har. a Gold Standard of Money benefits no one but gold bullion brokers who have the gold. A Time Standard of money, making debts payable in cash or in time, that's something everyone has some spare of.

  2. With thinking like this, I can see why you are "King of the Paupers"! "Making debts payable in cash" creates money without anything backing it-what has been called "fiat currency". The problem with this kind of currency is that the "paper brokers" only have to print more of the paper when they need to, leading to the weakening of the paper, and thus to the printing of even yet more of it. All of this has contributed to the present situation that we have found ourselves in with the dollar in decline in terms of its real purchasing power. True enough said that the "gold standard of money benefits no one but those who have the gold" but is not the creation of real wealth worth the risks of this? When you make the reference to "debts being payable in time", do you mean as an equal exchange, or barter in labor? I would like to know your thoughts about this.

  3. You haven't heard the half of it Sage.

    Check out the guy's more complete stupidity here:

    It's one thing to be a fucking moron. It's yet another to put it out there for all to see!