Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tea Party - Irrelevant as Always ...

... or not.

O'Donnell wins in Delaware.

LaMontagne Wins in New Hampshire.

Here's the rundown from the primaries.

TWENTY STATES going to court against Oblahmacare.

GOP political elites are pissed.

First off, as pertains to O'Donnell and LaMontagne, I will reserve comment on what I think of their victories until I have reviewed their respective records. However, I can't see many scenarios in which O'Donnell wouldn't have been, at a minimum, a significant improvement over Castle, who makes John McCain look like, well, John McCain. Strangely, if Castle were to look in the mirror, he might see McCain himself staring back at him, so just about anyone should have been able to beat Castle in today's climate - even Bozo the Clown.

LaMontagne? Well, I would hope our favorite New Hampshirite would be willing to comment. How about it, Sage?

Twenty states going to court over the ripoff that is Obamacare? Folks, the problem with this is that this number isn't closer to fifty. Americans really need to wise up to this fraud and what he is trying to do. Wake up soon, America, or you may wake up one day in the Union of American Socialist States (UASS). If it's not obvious by now, the the stupid people Sage speaks of are winning the day.

Probably the most telling thing about the current level of success about the Tea Party, however, is that the Republican Party elites are not happy. The only reason this would be the case is that they see their grasp on power slipping away. Sadly, they probably are subscribing to the illusion that they are losing to the Democrats because of the Tea Party, when in reality it is the Tea Party to which they are losing. Soon the communists in the Democratic Party will see the effect of the Tea Party, as they will be forced to watch as their own power base dwindles away.

Face it, folks. The Tea Party is a pretty big tent. Even Sage finds the tent too big, and he may be right. But the one thing that unites ALL Tea Party activists, regardless of their other agendas, is the reverence towards the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. Returning power to those in the Tea Party movement will bring the debate back to what it should be: whether or not the Constitution and/or the Founders' intent provide for the implementation of any specific plan or issue. THAT is what America is SUPPOSED to be about, and any move in that direction must be looked at as good.

So you Republicrats and LOTE guys out there can go right ahead and call the Tea Party irrelevant all you want. Not only does the current evidence say you are probably wrong, but that fact can only be a good thing for this country. After all, the Constitution is what the Tea Party is fighting for. All a LOTE voter is fighting for is keeping the Democrat out, regardless of the similar damage the Republican would do. That's no way to run a country.


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