Thursday, May 5, 2011

In God We Trust

The face photo of a dead Osama Bin Laden has been confirmed by "The Guardian"(British) as being a fake. It is a composite of an old Bin Laden photo, and an unknown dead man whose face has been made unrecognizable by beating, and mutilation. A somewhat similar situation in respect to the counterfeit so-called "birth certificate" that was produced by the usurper in the White House just last week... what a coincidence, don't you think? Just in time to take the people's focus off what would be the logical next question in respect to this issue; that being the citizenship of the first father, which would verify once, and for all the massive fraud that has been perpetrated on the American people by their government .This would, without a doubt, have been occasion for the rise, and fall of the star's of many of the rich, and famous in the District of Criminals.

But, that was last week's "trick", to be quickly forgotten in the excitement of the present moment's sleight of hand.

I have been pegged by many as a "cynic"; which I define as being "a realist with experience". I take no pleasure in this calling, or in the statement of my beliefs, but to quote my colleague RWR: "I calls 'em as I sees 'em", and this is how I "sees 'em".

Modern America is a seething pack of lies, voiced by a professional hit squad of liars from the top down. I am not sure at this point which makes me angrier... the lying... or them thinking that I am stupid enough to believe their lies.

So, that is why I have adopted a variation of Ronald Reagan's "Trust, but verify" philosophy. I DON"T TRUST UNTIL I VERIFY. Or,to say it as it is stated on the old coin: IN GOD WE TRUST. So, "show me the money!"

That being said; I offer the following proofs, or the lack there of, for the necessity of my present reasoning.

They are telling us that:
*Bin Laden is dead.
*they buried him in the ocean
*he was unarmed
*but we can't handle the pictures
*that terrorism has been dealt a deadly blow

Bullshit, prove it!

They are telling us that:
*Obama is a natural born citizen
*his birth certificate is authentic
*he loves America
*he is eligible to be POTUS
*he loves Jesus more than Mohammed

Bullshit, prove it!

They are telling us that:
*Republicans are for smaller government
*Republicans are opposed to abortion
*Republicans are in favor of the free market
*Republicans believe in individual liberties
*Republicans are a better choice than Democrats

Bullshit, prove it!

They are telling us that;
*The economy is improving
*the dollar is strong
*we don't need to buy silver, and gold
*the stock market is safe
*the housing market is improving
*the bankers are all honest

Bullshit, prove it!

They are telling us that:
*secular Jews don't control the media
*don't control Hollywood
*don't control the financial systems of the world
*aren't the power behind the ACLU
*are a trodden down, powerless minority, and as is the case with our black pseudo-President, if I speak out against this I am an anti-semitic, or a racist

Bullshit, prove it!

They are telling us that:
*Our schools are improving
*we need to spend more on education
*education is not state controlled programming
*the state dept. of education exists to improve educational standards
*our students are not being purposefully "dumbed-down"

Bullshit, prove it! I was there as a teacher, and saw it with my own eyes.

They are trying to tell us that:
*individual gun ownership makes us less safe
*the courts can be trusted
*judges are all impartial in their decisions
*our elections are fair, and honest, and the voting machines are tamper-proof

Bullshit, prove it!

They are trying to tell us that:
*Fox News is unbiased
*Glenn Beck represents the interests of the Tea Party Nation
*Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are not Republican cheerleaders
*Fox News is not controlled by the globalists, whose sole purpose is the destruction of the USA

Bullshit, prove it!

They are trying to tell us that:
*homosexuality is normal behavior
*women don't regret choosing abortions
*Planned Parenthood knows what is best for your children
*our tax dollars do not fund abortions
*God doesn't care about the national murdering of babies

Bullshit, prove it!

They are trying to tell us that:
*our elected officials are there to serve the interests of the people
*the Constitution protects us from any official wrongdoing on the part of our elected officials
*absolute power does not corrupt absolutely
*you have a right to healthcare, but not to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"
*there is honor amongst the Washington establishment

Bullshit, prove it!

To misquote a famous quote with effect: "Never in American history have so many lies been told by so many people about so many things so often."

And to conclude by quoting the words of my father: "In God we trust, all others pay cash!"

Well, its about time to pay up boys; 'cause I don't trust until I verify!

Wake up people. No one save God in Heaven is looking out for you.

The revolution has been televised