Saturday, August 11, 2012

Conspiracy of Disinformation

Since RWR and I began blogging together, I have been paying close attention to the politics of the times. I have noted a growing conspiracy of silence and disinformation about libertarians, and their ideals for government. This has been especially true in regards to Ron Paul, the libertarian-minded presidential candidate who has been stirring the Republican Party stew for the last couple of terms. Paul has been vying to be the party's presidential candidate for the last four years, but has received little support from the party by virtue of the fact that there are some very powerful forces that do not want him. These party members would not want him even if it was demonstrated that he was the only Republican who could unseat the head-chimp-in-charge, which is probably true.

The lamestream media, which is a big government lackey network, does little more than patronize Paul with comments like: "His ideas would be good for the 19th century, but they are irrelevant for the world of today". It is as if today's raging deficits, smothering regulations, curtailments of liberties, and endless meddling in the affairs of other nations, all of which are illegal, all of which were brought on by the modern Democrats and Republicans, and all of which are opposed by libertarians, are somehow beneficial to the American people in their present form. The plot further thickens when you hear the recent silence of the media when the "National Taxpayer's Union" announced that Ron Paul is the only candidate in either party who has a viable plan to reduce the national debt. This statement was ignored by the media minions when it should have been run with banner headlines. They would rather continue with their bandied quip: "He can't win, so why bother paying attention to him?" Meanwhile, their "parade of champions", Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, Bachmann, Huntsman, Cain have all risen, and fallen by the wayside. It is interesting to note in light of this, that Ron Paul is the only one among them who the media continues to stigmatize with a "can't win" label, and who still remains in the race - and yes, they have even gone so far as to report that he is no longer in the race in spite of the fact that he is still filling auditoriums wherever he speaks and still remains a viable candidate for the presidency.

In addition to ignoring Paul, the media spreads misinformation about what he and other libertarian-minded individuals think. I have personally heard everything from, "if libertarians had their way, there would be no stop signs" to "libertarians want corporations to control our lives". I am a libertarian, and I have never read or heard of such malarkey expressed by any libertarian anywhere - especially the "corporate control" gibberish. If this were true, why aren't the corporations funding Paul and other libertarian-thinking candidates? Instead they are all backing Democrats, and Republicans. The reason for this is that libertarians want to repeal more than a century of laws passed by both parties that favor corporations. They are scared shitless of libertarians because we insist that they live or die by how well they do in the marketplace, not by how well they do in Congress. Libertarians favor a policy of no bail outs, no laws protecting corporations from startup competition, no favors at all. In a libertarian world, the individual is king instead of the corporation. If libertarians had been a significant presence in Congress four years ago, none of your money would have been used to bail out the Wall Street cronies of Congress. The sad truth about corporate politics is that the overwhelming majority of corporations donate to either the Republican or Democrat parties, or both. They expect to be well paid for their investment in legislation passed by Congress that favors them. They also expect lucrative government contracts to be funneled in their direction. Obviously, these corporations are not going to be donating to any libertarian candidates, because there will be no payback for them.

Unbeknownst to most voters, the Federal Reserve is a private corporation. As such, it has the support of both major parties. The "fed" has more control over our country, your wealth, and your economic welfare than any congressman, president, or judge. To give an example of all of the good that they have done you in a century of operation, the "fed" has undermined what was once a rock-stable currency in the dollar to where it is worth just 1/25 of its value when they first got control of it in 1913. While the Democrats, and the Republicans don't even want to talk about this, libertarians and Ron Paul want to shut down this unconstitutional leviathan!

Come November, we could be witnessing the most important election of our lifetime. Will it be just another milepost in what appears to be the decline of a great republic, or will it be a Second American Revolution? The choice has never been clearer; the time has never been better!

The revolution will not be televised!