Thursday, June 28, 2012

ObamNeyCare Upheld

America is (screwed).  Not forever, but the greatest country on God's green Earth has just gone the way of the Soviet Union, and there's not a damned thing that can be done about it until November 1, 2016 - IF there's still an America in existence to deal with it.  Thomas Jefferson just rolled over in his grave.

Mitt Romney?  Forget all about him.  He's toast come November.  Just another bullshit kiss-ass Republican without the balls to stand up and do the right thing until it's "politically expedient", which is always too late.  He's just another John McCain type who has spent his career kissing Donk ass in the hopes it will get him somewhere.  Now he plans to run on a platform of repealing legislation that he basically wrote.  Obama will have a field day with that.

For my part, I will vote write-in if necessary.  For the part of the Republican Party, they would be wise do call for and execute a do-over.  Not that I expect that, but this decision has basically guaranteed the speedy demise of the Republican Party.  Come 2016, there will either be another viable party to vote for, or the current crop of Republicans will have been forced to move on.  That is, of course, on the condition that Republican and conservative voters are both smart enough and strong enough to make it happen.  I cannot guarantee that.

I also cannot guarantee that there will still be a Constitution to defend by that time.  If somehow taking over an entire industry and calling that a "tax" is now "constitutional", then just about anything is.  Any and all restrictions placed upon the government are hereby null and void.  The people now have no say whatsoever about anything.

For American government to be properly restored to its legal limits, illegal laws must now be ignored and broken.  Sage's Revolution MUST take place, and take place NOW.  Americans MUST get off their fat sorry asses and fight - with words, with votes, and if necessary, with arms.  Obama's socialist utopia is at hand, and if Americans just sit back and let it happen as they have for the last hundred years, the depression of the last four years will be looked upon as the  "good old days".  You think you have problems now?  Just wait.  They already have your money.  They now have taken your freedom.  Next will be your life.

Are you prepared to stand?


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