Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thievery under the Color of Law

Let's assume for a moment that it became common knowledge that Barak Obama was not a natural born citizen of the United States, thus proving for all to see that he is ineligible to be President of the US. Would that fact regain the sovereignty of the people stolen from them by the encroachments of the federal government? Would the United States be freer as a nation? Would the principles of self-government, the consent of the governed, limited government, and federalism once again become the guiding principles throughout this republic?

Since the Confederate States of America lost the war in 1865 against the union-destroying aggressions of Abraham Lincoln and his military, the federal government has been on the march against the powers of the people and their state governments. This has taken place under many names: regulations, controls, taxation, covert deceptions and falsehoods, subterfuge, etc., but the end result has always been the same. It is what I have identified as being "thievery under the color of law", and has been used by all three branches of the federal government with ruthless efficiency to turn our original federal form of government into a national empire run by the rich and powerful. It has taken control of virtually every aspect of American society and life, from corporations to churches, under the guise of "improving" them with the never-failing promise of returning them to us, of course, at our additional expense, and with their additional demands as to how they should be run. Contrary to the admonitions of George Washington in his farewell address, the federal government has unjustifiably, and illegally "entangled" itself in the affairs of foreign nations, corporations, educational institutions, and most of the general business of "We the people" too often, and for too long. In essence, it has created a virtually impenetrable matrix of fraud and deception in the "District of Criminals", regardless of whether a Republican or a Democrat has been in the White House.

Despite the well intentioned efforts and thoughts of many Americans who feel that removing Obama from the office of the Presidency based upon constitutional law (Article 2, Section 1, Clause 4) will somehow restore freedom to this country, this is simply not the case, and entirely misses the true heart of the problem as I see it. Don't get me wrong here, I would love to see this usurper humiliated under constitutional grounds more than you can imagine. I have dreams about it! The Constitution, which clearly states the eligibility requirements for Presidential candidates must and should be followed as the supreme law of the land, and we the people should be adamant about it. However, this fact must be realized before the bells of freedom will ever ring throughout this land of ours again: The federal government, as it is presently administered, is not salvageable; it is treasonous; its actions have put the people of the USA in a state of war with themselves, and without real revolution (including blood, I fear) freedom will not be seen again in these states.

The federal government and, by default, the states are operating under a system and form that are contrary to freedom as it is expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and in fact, are perfectly described as the enemy of freedom as the document sets it forth in its description and listing of a "long train of abuses" by the King of England. It has the complete form and function of a government which history has proved is the enemy of a free republic. It is the essence of what our founders rejected in July of "76" and what the Constitution was created to guard against by its ratification in 1787. Freedom's current malaise in America has little to do with Obama's legitimacy as the President of the United States, but has everything to do with the people of the states being under the control of a government system that we neither created nor wanted, and would never approve by popular election. It would not matter in the least if Obama were removed and were to be replaced with Biden, Pelosi, McCain, Clinton, Gingrich, Palin, or any other of these "eligible" idiots. A new president would no more change the form and system of the federal government than would the pumping of additional trillions of tax payer dollars into the system create a stable economy in America. Just as there is no solid foundation(metal) for the American dollar, so too there is no solid foundation(constitutional) for the executive branch of the federal government.

Make no mistake about it, there has not been a true United States President elected since 186o that has been an advocate for the real principles of federalism, and freedom, and both the major parties have only built on the legacy of the previous administration's federal power base at the expense of the states, and people. If you think that freedom will be restored because some Republican who claims to be pro-life, pro-family, or pro-gun sits in the White House, you are mistaken. If you think that Obama's true birth place being revealed will restore the freedoms that we have been losing for the last one hundred years, and will somehow lop off the head of the "beast", think again! It ain't gonna be happenin' bro!!! Those that have been controlling the federal government have shown time, and again that they intend to ignore, demean, and generally contradict the United States Constitution, the people be damned. They care not a whit for it, and only pay necessary lip service to it to get themselves elected. When Nancy Pelosi was asked recently, "Does the Constitution grant Congress the power to pass the pending national health care bill?" her response was to throw her head back in laughter without even so much as a lame attempt to explain her reasoning. This response was an overt illustration of the philosophy that the federal government has demonstrated for generations on like matters of government policy that has come before them. Do we need further evidence to conclude that our federal government is unconstitutional in most of its actions, powers, and most importantly its intentions? I think not. The question is, what do we do about it?

In 1776, the delegates from the American Colonies met in Philadelphia in the attempt to rectify the unconstitutional political actions of their national government. Like many of us today, they recognized the designs of their government to reduce them to becoming submissive slaves; they knew that their government had overstepped its authority given them by the consent of the governed, ; and they knew that their government had committed "repeated injuries, and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states". So, what did they decide to do about it?

They "secured the blessings of liberty" by doing what all free peoples do in the face of tyrannical despotism: they declared their independence by acting as if they were in fact "free". They decided on a course of action, and they put that decision into action by declaring their natural, God-given right to govern themselves. They ridded themselves of the entire system that was oppressing them, and formed a government that would function only by the consent of the governed. They damned the torpedos, and became independent, and sovereign states.

You love freedom as do I, but the lost freedoms of America will never be restored by replacing Obama with any other "imposter" no matter how many patriotic claims to American citizenry they may make. The reason that this is true is because the Constitution will never be restored until the principles, form, and system that it established are restored. There have been innumerable unconstitutional actions taken by the federal government in the last 140 years, Can we expect that this one singular issue will be the winning margin in restoring freedom to the people? Methinks not.

Where are the federal officials demanding that these freedoms be restored? Where are the justices demanding that the law, as it is written in the Constitution, be followed? Where are those in the federal government that are demanding that the Militia be re-instated, that the coining of "real" money, and not "fiat currency" take place, and that the tenth amendment be adhered to? Where is the federal judicial system that even has a clue as to what "federalism" is, and is willing to overturn ninety years of court decisions that have ripped the rights of the people from their hands. And finally, where are the statesmen who proclaim that the federal government be subordinate to the voice, and arm of the people of the states as set forth by Thomas Jefferson? The answer to all of these questions is, NOWHERE!

The questions that must be asked are the ones whose answers will provide real solutions toward the end of restoring our confederate Republic. We cannot hope to win the game by continuing to simply replace one quarterback with another when the winning team insists that we play by their rules, in their home stadium, with their referees all controlled by the men in black suits sitting in the glass boxes overhead smoking cigars, drinking beer, playing with their whores, and all the while laughing at us as we drag ourselves through the game thinking that we are gaining ground when we only lose ten yards on a play instead of twenty. All of which has led to the present state wherein we have only the "color" of law, without the accompanying substance and weight necessary for effect.

Since our methods of change have, over time, proven themselves to be without effect, despite all of the whining, and hand wringing about the "constitutionality" of the particular issue of the day,
it is time for a different course of action. Notice the use of the word "action" here. It is time that "we the people" of the various states think in the pure political, and philosophical terms that formed our country, and secured our freedoms in 1776. It is long past time that the states of this nation reclaim what has been taken from them without their consent, and to re-spark the flames of independence, and federalism which will cause freedom to burn brightly for us, and our posterity for generations to come!

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